Project Members:
Xaiver S and Wyler P (Grade 8) – Tsuut’ina

Target Audience:
All Students, Grade 9-12

Project Plan:
We planned to educate the younger kids on bullying with a presentation. We would do this every first week of the month in the different middle school grades to check up on them and teach them what bullying is and how you can stop it.

Resources Required:
We would’ve needed 15 minutes in each individual class and set up days and times during the first week we could do it.

Measures of Success:
I would measure the success by seeing if there were differences in the class. Check in with the teachers every couple of weeks to ask how they’re doing.

Important Learning and Ideas:
I think it’s important that the younger kids know that they can talk to anyone. They can tell us what’s going on, (if someones bullying them, etc) and we won’t tell it was them that told, we can just get the teachers to handle it.