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Anne Tingle Library and Learning Commons

The Anne Tingle Library and Learning Commons at Connect Charter School is a hub of activity. The library includes spaces for collaboration and exploration. Whether on their own, or in a group, students can come to the library to read, create, learn, collaborate, and interact with their peers.

We are committed to making sure that our students have access to the resources they need to support learning. Our library is staffed all day (during recess and at lunch time) to ensure that there is always someone to answer questions. The library also offers activities such as board games and book clubs during recess and at lunch time. 

During the day, classes and students visit the library to explore the collection and exchange books. The library offers a variety of spaces for group activities and meetings including Girls Group, WizeGuyz, elective classes, pod learning activities, staff meetings, student tests, and quiet work. Student art is displayed in the library for everyone to enjoy and celebrate.

General Information

08:40 to 15:10 on School Days

Please take care of your library books to help minimize the number of lost and damaged books.

The standard sign out is for 2 weeks. Books can be renewed; be thoughtful about the number of resources that you sign out and how often you renew them. 

Help us keep the resources well organized so things are easy to find. 

Please remember that our book collection serves a wide range of ages. There are books identified as “young adult”, so choose wisely. Not everything on our shelves may be appropriate for a particular student. We want to support readers to develop the skills needed to make appropriate choices, so feel free to ask for advice.

If there is a book you think we should have in our collection, please let one of the staff know the title and author – we have a request list on the go.

Please note that families are responsible for financial reimbursement of any lost or damaged resources that they have signed out. Books are considered lost if they have been outstanding for more than four weeks. Notices of overdue items are emailed to students and families.

Connect Charter School teachers and staff can book the learning commons spaces for their classes in the Google Calendar or by contacting the Library Technologist. Spaces available for booking include the Learning Commons (150), the Collaboratorium (20) and the Library Breakout Room (15).

We are grateful for our volunteers. We are happy to have parent volunteers help out in the library during the school day.  

Students are welcome to help out in the library, too. Come and see us for more information on the application process.

In preparation for the end of the school year, all items need to be returned by 10 June.