Target Audience:

Grades 4-6 (preferably being mentored)

Time Options:

During peer mentoring <- start here, start small and local

Phase one

Phase one would consist of a time set aside each week to find the individuals that have experienced bullying in our school. This time would consist of a more in depth class detailing bullying in its entirety or simply a conversation between peer mentors and peers. This conversation would also heavily push the people in that class to talk about their experience with a professional in the school. There would also be a “chat” between peer mentors and peers. This will strengthen the relationship between the peers and mentors as well as helping the people that need help.

Phase two

The second phase would consist of a rebuilding process between the “bully” and the bullied. This would consist of a therapy like talk between the two with a grownup in mediating the interaction. Hopefully the bully will realize his mistake and be reasonable. This will hopefully create a positive relationship between individuals instead of a negative one.


Open Full Plan with Student Worksheets/Questionnaires

The outcome is to locate any bullying relationships that may be found, and report them to the teachers.

Who we need to talk to:


What is the final output:

A conversation survey sheet

What is the goal:

To have a document that outline the metal wellbeing of students and their current experiences with bullying

Advice for Teachers: 

-Ask: do you have any trusted adults?
-Talk about stress.
-Bring it down to a level they can understand.
-Think about how do you deal with information that you can’t understand?
-Normalize mental health. Ask: What do you feel is positive mental health.