Link to our main document- You can find more information.

Your final Project Name
Education teachers on students mental health

Group Members of Names’
Valentina and Natalie (Grade 9)

Target Audience (who the project is/was meant to help)
-Teachers and Students
-Teacher and educating them on how to help students
-Helping students with mental health around the school environment

Project Plan (what did you/do you plan to do)

Our plan is to bring in an expert and compile resources for teachers to gather knowledge and learn how to help students in the school community struggling with mental health.

Resources Required (how can a school do this, what will they need to make it happen)
-Mindfulness expert that teacher can lead to class
-Online resources and websites

Samples – if applicable, a sample of what you were working on (e.g. an activity card, a website screenshot, etc.)
-We didn’t have any specific work documented that we could share. However, we did reach out to mental health experts via email as well as a survey which is below.
-We also had many websites we referred to and based our project on.
-Emails Send/ Received + Survey link: