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Inclusion and Learning Support


Connect Charter School’s staff is committed to exemplary learning, teaching, and leadership.

English Language Learning

Students may come to our school identified as English Language Learners, or they may be identified by teachers and their school file upon arrival. Alberta Education requires the ESL Proficiency Benchmarks to be completed for these students. These benchmarks are completed during each reporting period. Cumulative information from classroom assessment and the ESL Proficiency Benchmarks will determine what supports will be put in place for the student. Should you have any further question in regards to the ESL Proficiency Benchmarks, please contact your child’s teacher, Carla Cameron our Inclusive Practices Coordinator or a member of our Administration.

ESL Parent Guide (7-9)

ESL Summary – Benchmarks (7-9)

ESL Parent Guide (4-6)

ESL Summary – Benchmarks (4-6

Literacy and Numeracy Support

Alberta Education describes Literacy and Numeracy as a shared responsibility among all educators. Although specific knowledge and skills are taught primarily in Language Arts and Mathematics, every subject area teacher is responsible for further developing, strengthening and enhancing literacy and numeracy skills. demands.

All students at Connect use an online structured literacy program called Lexia. This program allows students to work on individual literacy skills based on where they are at. If a student requires additional literacy or numeracy support, teachers will provide accommodations, strategies and modification support within the classroom first. If students require more additional support, they may be placed in a literacy or numeracy intervention group for 6-8 weeks. This intervention group is typically comprised of 3-4 students and helps them to develop specific skills in identified areas of need.

High School Preparation

Please find detailed information around high school registration and preparation here.

External Services

Our school works closely throughout the year with RCSD (Regional Collaborative Service Delivery) and external Psychologists to support students with Speech, Occupational Therapy, and Mental Health services. These services are obtained as students are identified throughout the school year by their teachers and parents/guardians. The Student Services team also obtains information from parents/guardians for the referral. Parents/Guardians will need to provide consent for support. A member of the RCSD team will determine whether the student will be approved. Psychological Assessments are facilitated collaboratively by the parents, teachers, and Student Services Team.

Student Support Office

The Student Support Room is one of many spaces that our Student Services team works in to support student needs. Some ways the Student Support room is used:

  • A place to request and/or receive additional academic/socio-emotional support
  • Small groups can go to this area for a quiet place to work
  • Monitored space for assessments
  • Cool-off area for students who need a break
  • Supervised club meeting space


There are multiple levels of assessments that can be used to inform us more about a student. There are formative and summative assessments that teachers will use in the general classroom. However, if we are looking for more specific information, we will use the Woodcock Reading Mastery Tests (WRMT-III) and the Key Math Assessment. If there are any further needs that require exploration, families may also seek external resources.

Community Resources

Click here to download a comprehensive list of student and parent resources.