• Danielle M (Grade 9)

Your final Project Name:

  • Convenient Cards
  • Cards For Humanity
  • Utilis – Latin word meaning helpful, beneficial, advantageous, useful
  • Salataris – Latin, meaning helpful, support, but also means beneficial to your health, or friend, companion, kind
  • Auxiliaris / auxilium – Latin, meaning aid, help, assistance, support

Target Audience:

This would be available to help all students at Connect Charter School, and teachers of those students.

Project Plan:

The goal of my project is to inform classes – including teachers and students – about mental health and bullying, particularly mental health. This information would include understanding of concepts such as mental health, anxiety, stress, etc., how to recognize them, the effects of different mental health diagnosis, valuable work habits for coping with mental health challenges, and strategies to counter and upkeep you and your peers mental health.

Resources Required:

The teachers would all have to be aware of this resource, and understand its potential to help students, they would also be responsible for taking initiative in order to use the cards.


The cards would include definitions of stress, bullying, anxiety, and other key terms regarding mental health and bullying; strategies for dealing with stress, such as a physical activity that the teacher or a student would be able to lead the class in; how to keep control of stress (understanding triggers); mindfulness activities; the science behind each of the strategies; useful resources; the importance of eating well, drinking water getting enough sleep; how to develop and sustain good life habits; effects of continued anxiety; how to identify if you need help/ what you are experiencing (stress, anxiety, etc.).

i.e. signs of stress; scales of stress/ levels of anxiety; value of mindfulness; how to support others; Individual resources; how helping others also helps you; how to help others help you (how to get support); and support available.

Success Measures: 

I would know that my project is benefiting the school when teachers use it regularly, and students understand and use the information that it provides them.


Incompleted plan for the cards


Uncompleted plan for Agents of Change –