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Upcycle That! Grade 4 Waste in Our World

-by Dave Bennett and Katie Haigh As part of our Waste in Our World exploration, grade 4s have been tasked with taking something of little or no value and creating something usable that serves a purpose. The overarching question was “how does your creation give an item a better purpose?”  Throughout this challenge, students have… Continue reading Upcycle That! Grade 4 Waste in Our World

FreshGrade: Commendations, Recommendations & Limitations

(continued from earlier posts Deirdre’s Reflections, Kevin’s Reflection,  the introduction to our action research, emphasizing student autonomy) -by Deirdre Bailey and Kevin Sonico A major advantage of the FreshGrade tool that has been touched on briefly above but merits further discussion was its ability to allow for the attachment of specific curricular outcomes to key learning tasks.… Continue reading FreshGrade: Commendations, Recommendations & Limitations

Grade 7 iHistory Projects – The Most Remarkable

Our Grade 7’s have been working on a project we call the iHistory project, in which they choose, research, and communicate the most remarkable aspects of a historical story involving their own family. We are nearing completion of 100 projects and are making plans for sharing them with the world. Here’s a 3-minute video that… Continue reading Grade 7 iHistory Projects – The Most Remarkable