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Using ShowMe for Math Communication

-by Lisa Nelson, Grade 7 Math/Science Communication is an important part of mathematics. As a math team in our school, along with others involved with mathematical education, we have discussed what Strong Work in Math looks like. We discussed many different components including Mathematical Inquiry, Demonstration of Knowledge, and Work Habits. One component of this… Continue reading Using ShowMe for Math Communication

Using the Model Method in Math Problem-solving

by Kevin Sonico   Mr. Cheng and I are conducting a research project in our classrooms on how using the model method or strategy in math improve students’ problem-solving skills. Effectiveness of the method will be measured in the increased ability of students to solve word problems and enhanced confidence to communicate their thinking and… Continue reading Using the Model Method in Math Problem-solving

Introduction to Inquiry Based Learning

At the Connect Charter School we focus on inquiry-based learning, technology-intergration, Collaboration, Education Research, Authentic Learning Experiences and outdoor/environmental education . We believe these pillars come together to provide students with opportunities for authentic, meaningful and relevant learning. At the core of our program is inquiry – an approach to learning and teaching (including teacher… Continue reading Introduction to Inquiry Based Learning

Sustained and Reflective PD

Last Saturday we kicked off an exciting professional development experience that’s being hosted here at the Calgary Science School. Over the last few years our math team has participated in a type of PD known as lesson study. Basically lesson study is a way to approach PD where teachers slowly examine and improve students’ understanding… Continue reading Sustained and Reflective PD

A Permanent State of Re-invention

by Deirdre Bailey I turn around and look at the teacher I was in August and my perspectives have changed so dramatically that I have some difficulty remembering exactly what it felt like ‘before’. I remember sitting down to plan with Amy Park in August and being confused about how to allow for openness in… Continue reading A Permanent State of Re-invention

Boreal Math Part 2

Recently we shared some posts about a grade 6 math problem built around the question: Are there enough trees in Canada’s Boreal Forest to be considered the lungs of the Earth? In order to solve this problem, students were given a few pieces of background information and worked in small groups to formulate the specific… Continue reading Boreal Math Part 2

Authentic Contexts for Learning

One of the key elements of inquiry-based learning at the Calgary Science School is embedding student work into authentic contexts. Our teachers spend a great deal of time designing work that bridges the program of studies and the ‘real world.’ This notion comes to us from our work with the Galileo Educational Network and their… Continue reading Authentic Contexts for Learning

Boreal Math: Final Thoughts

Our grade 6 students have recently finished wrestling with the math problem: “Are there enough trees in Canada’s Boreal Forest to be the lungs of the earth?” The question came from research that one of the Grade 6 teachers, Erin Couillard, found which stated that the northern boreal forest now produces more oxygen than any… Continue reading Boreal Math: Final Thoughts

More Math Podcasting

In a recent post we shared an example of podcasting as a powerful tool for students to demonstrate their mathematic thinking. Here’s another example of students recording their mathematical thinking, this time by a grade 4 student. We believe that this is one of the most powerful uses of a 1:1 laptop program – how… Continue reading More Math Podcasting

Google Earth for Mapping Math

Our grade 5’s have just finished using Google Earth to solve a math problem designed to build large number sense. The students were challenged to find a route across Canada, starting in Calgary, that would take them to each of the capital cities. The trip could go in any order after leaving Calgary, but the… Continue reading Google Earth for Mapping Math