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University of Calgary Human Performance Lab

By IanV., Trevor B., and Parker S.
In April, the grade 8’s had the pleasure of visiting the University of Calgary for a human body
performance lab . During this time, we had the opportunity to visit 6 different stations, all with a general focus on human body performance.

The reason for this trip, aside from the learning experience, was to judge a university level kinesiology contest. The grade 8 students were provided with a sheet of paper, containing subsections for each station. We were required to provide feedback for each and every station, as well as a mark out of 10. The kinesiology contest had 6 different entries that included:

• A speed tracker that tested how fast a student would be able to take a slapshot and calculated the average speed.
• An electronic computer program that allowed you to flex and tracked your body movement.
• A motion sensing program that tracked your body movements
• An exercise machine that vibrated as you stood on it, to better improve your balance.
• A shoe station that presented different types of shoes and their effects, allowing you to jump higher and/ or farther.
• And finally, a station which allowed you to experience the sensation of blindness, using your senses to walk and move around. The grade eights had an entertaining and engrossing time on this trip, and hope to experience many more like it in the future.

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