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Students into Scientists

by Deirdre Bailey and Amy Park

It began with a conversation on how best to develop deep understanding of biological cycles. When we considered simply slicing fruit and vegetables in half and leaving them out in the open to observe the resulting changes, we never anticipated the smells, the new life, or the learning that would ensue.

The suggestion that we use Google Docs to facilitate collaboration and data management through the scientific process provided an excellent opportunity for introducing students to the incredible value of facilitating collaborative research and documentation through technology. See examples of our student work in Google Docs linked here.

From Day 1 to Day 12, our young scientists were engaged, excited, and passionate about their discoveries. Throughout the process, students developed deep understanding of decomposition, the scientific process, collaboration, problem solving, data analysis, and so much more.

The following video outlines the entire process and the amazing learning that resulted.

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  1. Amy and Deirdre,

    After having an opportunity to spend some time in the science lab observing your young scientists at work and taking in the aroma of their projects, I was so impressed with how you shared the story of your journey as teachers and learners in developing a deeper understanding of biological cycles. Your video clip featuring the student voice and teacher perspective is outstanding. In sharing the story of your exploration you have provided an excellent framework for other teachers to use with their students. I appreciate your description demonstrating how: many curricular goals and expectations are addressed; technology is used to promote collaboration and demonstrate learning; rubrics are used to outline expectations and facilitate formative assessment; provision is made for actively involving parents and significant questions are generated and explored. Clearly your students were enthusiastically and authentically engaged in this learning experience even though it was somewhat messy and smelly. Very impressive! Garry McKinnon

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