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Grade 8 Worldview Survey is Live!

Our Grade 8 study of Worldviews is in full swing. As written before, the students have created a survey with the hopes of gathering global data on worldview trends.

The students worked with Rob Pegg to learn the important elements of survey design. We then had our grade 9 students critique the grade 8 survey questions, providing detailed feedback and suggestions on how to refine the survey.
We then used Skype to video-conference with Wes Fryer, a leading educational technologist and blogger in Oklahoma. Wes provided our students with insights into current social and communication tools, and how they can be used to spread messages virally.
And now we have begun to spread the survey out into the world!
So far, in the first 24 hours of the survey we have had over 850 responses from 34 different countries! We will continue collecting responses for a month – and then the students will begin the task of analyzing the results.
Please feel free to complete the survey yourself, and pass it on to your own contacts. We’re particularly trying to get results from non-North American countries.
You can access the survey by clicking here.

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