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Forging Connections Kickoff

Tonight is an exciting kick off event for us!

On October 5th and 6th, 2011, the Calgary Science School is hosting the Forging Connections Conference.

This conference is a collaboration between teachers, art and science experts and parents with the goal of integrating art and science more authentically into the students’ learning. It will also provide professional development for the teachers.

The two day event is designed to showcase six, 105 minute lessons that will be collaboratively designed by a local practicing scientist, artist and a Calgary Science School teacher. We see it as a Show/Tell/Do type workshop where the Artist (visual, drama/dance and music) shows the students a finished product; the scientist will explain the magic (science) behind it and then the kids get a chance to do some hands on work creating something. Create, Explore, Discover.

At the end of two days, the lessons created by the partnerships between scientists, artists and teachers will be documented and shared in a variety of multi-media formats for any teacher to implement in their classrooms.

Tonight we are hosting a kick off dinner where we are partnering the scientist, artist and teacher – and giving them time and an online planning tool to begin collaboratively building an integration lesson.

Let the collaboration begin!

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