Episode 1: Be Well Stay Safe

Show Notes:

Nurse Nasreen’s top tips to help maintain positive mental health

  1. Maintain social connections – there are lots of ways you can keep connected with friends and family while maintaining physical distancing.
  2. Maintain a routine – it is very important to have a schedule or some sort of structure for your day.
  3. Try to maintain healthy eating 80/20 ratio of healthy foods, you can still enjoy your favourite treats in moderation.
  4. Keep hydrated – make sure you’re drinking enough water
  5. Talk to each other – keep checking in with each other as a family, mealtimes are a great opportunity to sit and talk together
  6. Remain physically active – you can stay active while still practicing physical distancing
  7. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep

Alberta Health Services

www.alberta.ca/covid  – (Information is updated regularly)

Healthlink  -811

Resources and information about mental health:

For urgent concerns;  Calgary distress Centre (24 Hrs) 403 266 4357

ConnectTeen  403 2648336

KIDS HELP PHONE -1-800-668 6868

Provincial Mental Health Line – 1-877-303 2642

Addiction Support (24 Hrs) – 1-866 332 2322

Family violence Helpline (24hrs) – 403 234 7233

Websites and links:

Youth Smart


Canadian Mental Health association –  www.cmha.ca

Mind Your Mind – www.mindyourmind.ca

Kids Help Phone – www.kidshelpphone.ca

Anxiety Canada –   www.anxietycanada.ca

Things to do:

  1. Write letters and mail them to your friends and family
  2. Make an obstacle course
  3. Go on a scavenger hunt inside or around your neighbourhood
  4. Build your favourite buildings out of Legos
  5. Join an online school club or activity
  6. Write in your journal
  7. Bake something new
  8. Write letters to a local nursing home
  9. Do one of the weekly challenges shared by Mr. Ferguson
  10. Clean your Zoom space