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E-Books or "Real" Books?

-by Donna Alden, Teacher Librarian It seems to me there is no one answer. For nonfiction, research activities, if given the choice, hands down I’ll choose an online search for information, as opposed to searching through books. Is that an exclusive choice? Do I always recommend that to students? No, and no. But as a… Continue reading E-Books or "Real" Books?

Identity Comes Alive With Issuu

By Ivy Waite When my teaching partner Jaime Groeller suggested that we culminate our study ofidentity with a poetry anthology I may have been a little skeptical. I had asked grade 9 students to create and analyze poetry in the past with mixed results, but loved the idea of trying to engage them in some… Continue reading Identity Comes Alive With Issuu

CSS Library: "Little Blurts of Info"

Ian Brown just won the coveted Charles Taylor Prize for literary nonfiction, and before that, for this same book, the National Award for Canadian Non-Fiction. During his acceptance speech, Mr. Brown was quoted in The Globe and Mail Feb. 09/10, A(2) referring to online reading as “little blurts of information”. Do we approach online research… Continue reading CSS Library: "Little Blurts of Info"