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Underwater ROV Elective

This term we offered students in grade 6 and 7 an Underwater ROV elective. In this elective students design, build and test an underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle, or ROV. ROVs are used for a variety of reasons, including marine biology research, military applications, underwater archeological exploration and more. Students used PVC pipe, wires, 12 volt… Continue reading Underwater ROV Elective

Student Engagement Captivates Me

By Ivy Waite Student engagement captivates me. Why is it that certain elements of our culture are able to draw in our students so easily, while others are often ignored? How can teachers take advantage of those things that captivate to engage our students in the classroom?  We can – if we are willing to… Continue reading Student Engagement Captivates Me

Mixing the Real and the Virtual

As written in a previous post, one of our teachers, Dan McWilliam has been playing with augmented reality in his wood shop elective class. As a new semester begins – students can now visualize how their designs will appear in the real world. And even go so far as to place themselves digitally beside their… Continue reading Mixing the Real and the Virtual

Augmented Reality in the Wood Shop

by Dan McWilliam This year I am trying a new elective where students use their creativity and engineering skills to create anything they want from two 2×4 pieces of wood. While the final product is up to the students, the goal of the elective is to have students go through the process of planning, drafting,… Continue reading Augmented Reality in the Wood Shop

Grade 8 Graphic Design: Effective Logos

This year at the Calgary Science School, there’s a new structure to the Fine Arts Program, bringing in the element of choice at the grade 7 and 8 level. One of the new courses being offered is an introduction to Graphic Design. The first assignment students are working on is a logo design project. To… Continue reading Grade 8 Graphic Design: Effective Logos