Welcome Back! August 22-26, 2022

We are looking forward to seeing all of our incoming students for the school year. Staff have been hard at work preparing for their arrival. A special welcome to our new families and to some new staff who are joining the Connect Community. Several events that welcome parents to the school include the morning coffee on the first of school, the meet the team and school barbeque on September 1st, and the work bee (details below).

This Week’s Highlights

  • Welcome to our first weekly update of 2022-2023 with our new format!
  • Please consider volunteering for our workbee, which is a chance to get to know other families in our Connect Charter School community and give parents the experience of camping out at our facility while volunteering their efforts to help us make our Field Experience Centre the best it can be.

August 22: Only Grade 7, 8, 9 - First Day of School (Important details below)

August 23: Only Grade 4, 5, 6 - First Day of School (Important details below)