Principal Update October 30 – November 3 – Connect Charter School

Connect Charter Family Weekly Update

October 30 - November 3

This Week's Highlights

Grade 7's enjoyed the time that Kwame Alexander spent with us online during his author visit this past week.

The Grade 4 2024 Lottery is open for entries September 1 – November 30, 2023.

You must complete a specific Lottery Application entry to be included in the Grade 4 2024 Lottery process.

Apply Now! 


Link to Grade 4 2024 Lottery Form:


Grade 4 waitlist is created via an annual lottery.

Siblings will be offered priority.

For Grade 4 admission, the Lottery will be open September 1 – November 30 of your child’s Grade 3 year.

The lottery will be run in December and families will be notified of waitlist results.

You must submit a formal Lottery Application to be included in the lottery process.

It is your responsibility to submit a lottery entry in the specific lottery form by the deadline.


Thank you,





The online order glitch has been resolved so please go ahead and order lunches (Tuesdays) and snacks (Fridays) for your kids. Take a day off from making lunches (did you know that a couple snacks can = a lunch?!?) and help raise money for the school!

Please note: We have moved Saucy Bread snack from Friday Dec 22 to Thursday Dec 21 since Friday is a PD Day.



Thursday, Nov 30

Dinner! We’ll offer families the chance to order food to make it an easy weeknight commitment.

Movie! For the kids, unless you’re really into PG movies. Kids will get to vote from a selection of movies. Supervision will be provided by school staff.

Snacks! Preorder or cash sales, we’ll have popcorn, drinks and treats available for kids and parents. 

Parents! We’ll gather in the Learning Commons while kids are in the movie. Presentation and breakout discussions will be hosted by Julie Freedman Smith, a notable parenting coach, author and speaker who “helps parents find their voice”. More info to come on the topic, with a chance to contribute questions in advance. 



During our most recent meeting on Oct. 24, we learned more from Principal Bennet and Saara Ehalt (Mental Wellness Coordinator) about new student supports, classroom programming and field trips supporting Mental Health. “Thrive Days” which are coming up for all grades are part of this program. Be sure to ask your kids how its going!

Next meeting is Tuesday, Nov. 21 at 6:30pm (online). 



Thanks to everyone who helped with the most recent fundraiser, especially those who helped with the sorting/loading. 

Over $5,800 was raised and many, many freezers are full!


And lastly, THANK YOU for everyone who volunteered to help with the Casino – we’ll report back later this year on the results. 


OK really lastly this time… Connect turns 25 this year and we are working on a big celebration in January! Do you like to plan events and parties? Bring your organizational and creative skills to the committee for this once-in-a-quarter-century event! Contact [email protected] to get involved. 

Have a wonderful week, Connect!

Shannon Bennett 

Shashi Shergill
Assistant Principal

Andrea Friesen
Assistant Principal