Principal Update October 16 – October 20 – Connect Charter School

Connect Charter Family Weekly Update

October 16 - October 19

This Week's Highlights

Connect Charter invites you to read a book over the break. Looking for recommendations? Check out the library webpage! Upon return out new library shelving will be installed. Thank you School Council for updating our look!

As you are likely aware, there is a new Alberta math curriculum that is being taught in grades 4-6. Our teaching staff is engaging in professional learning related to the new curriculum and have the benefit of learning from districts that have already started implementing the new program. What we’ve learned is that there is a transition period for students as new concepts may be more complex. We have used standardized assessment tools to help us understand where students are and will use this information to inform instruction and be proactive in helping students gain the understanding they need to be successful in this math program. Potentially, you may find your child is struggling during this transition period and we would suggest you can help by letting the classroom teacher be aware so they can support your child. Additionally, there could be a drop in their achievement on the report card during this transition time as we are required to assess against the new math curriculum outcomes. 


Rest assured, we are actively providing support to help bridge these gaps and ensure a successful transition. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to reach out to us.


Below are some links where you can find and look through the math curriculum online. Please be aware that last year was the first year of the implementation of the new English Language Arts curriculum in grades 4-6 as well. 


Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 6

K-6 Curriculum

Dear Grade 9 Families,
Planning for our spring trip to Vancouver and surrounding areas has been taking place since last year and is getting into high gear for this year.  Evan Ferguson (Place Based Education Coordinator) and Shashi Shergill (Assistant Principal) will be conducting a site visit this week and we look forward to a parent information session during our conferences on December 7th and 8th.  
West Coast Trip Overview – A few updates:

The 5-day, 4-night, trip is scheduled for June 10th-14th, 2024. Students will take a flight to Vancouver, followed by a boat trip that will take them to Camp Jubilee for a 3 day and 2 night stay. During their stay at Camp Jubilee, our students will participate in a variety of outdoor activities that will promote team-building, resilience, learning and leadership skills. These activities include sea kayaking, rock climbing, voyager canoeing, beach eco-studies, and much more. Our students will also have the opportunity to learn about local ecosystems, explore the natural environment, and connect with their classmates in a meaningful way.

Upon their return to Vancouver, our students will participate in several activities that have strong curricular ties to the grade 9 curriculum. These activities include:


  •  a visit to Grouse Mountain and engage in programming including Eye of the Wind to investigate and interpret the use of devices to convert various forms of energy,  
  • a Talking Totems Tour at Stanley Park to recognize changes in viewpoints through inquiry, 
  • a trip to the Vancouver Aquarium to study bio-diversity and survival under various environmental conditions, 
  • a visit to the Museum of Anthropology to deepen Indigenous understandings of the local area,
  • a visit to the MacMillan Space Centre to describe and interpret the science of optical and radio telescopes, space probes, and remote sensing technologies,
  • and a visit to Beatty Biodiversity Museum at University of British Columbia.
Note: Some of these opportunities are tentative at this time, as booking does not open until later in the fall. Communications about any adjustments to the trip will be shared with families.


Two options for accommodation are under consideration for Vancouver and we will confirm the accommodation after the site visit. 

Parent Volunteering:

Towards the end of November, a parent volunteer application form will be shared with families.  We are deeply grateful for the support our parent community provides for the trip so that these students can have a memorable experience in their final year at Connect Charter School.

Payment Information

As indicated in other emails, this trip is subsidized significantly by the Parent Society.  The cost to families is about $1100.00, with the first deposit being due by November 6th.  The second payment for the rest of the trip cost will be collected in February.  Should payment plans or subsidy be required, please contact Shannon Bennett, or Laurie Kangas to discuss options.  To pay the first deposit, please follow the steps below:
Parents may pay the fee through their PowerSchool parent account.
PS Parent Account Login Link
Select <School Fees> from the menu, use the Shopping Cart icon to proceed to Checkout.

Have a wonderful week, Connect!

Shannon Bennett 

Shashi Shergill
Assistant Principal

Andrea Friesen
Assistant Principal