Principal Update March 18 – March 22 – Connect Charter School

Connect Charter Family Weekly Update

March 18 - March 22

This Week's Highlights

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Grades 4-9 Term 2 Student-Led Conferences, March 2024

Thursday March 21, 2024, 4:00pm – 8:00pm

Friday March 22, 2024, 8:00am – 1:00pm


Families will sign up for an in-person 30-minute block with your teaching team, with a maximum of 4 families per block.


ALL Student-Led Conferences are In-Person.

How To Book:


Conference Manager is accessed through your PowerSchool parent account.

A booking link is not required.


The steps to log in and book a parent-teacher conference at Connect Charter School are:


  1. Log into PowerSchool at the following URL:

  2. Select the Application Launch icon (arrow in a box) near the top right of the screen

  3. Select the Conference Manager in the menu list that appears.



Conference Manager will open for bookings Monday March 18, 2024 at 4:00pm.

The site closes for bookings on Thursday March 21, 2024 at 12:00pm.



Buy something for yourself, enter a contest and help fundraise for important programs at Connect. These are all open to friends, family and anyone who might want to support you, supporting Connect. We appreciate you passing these on!
WestJet RaffleWin a Flight Pass for Two (approx value $4,250)… anywhere WestJet flies! 2nd Prize: $500 cash. Draw date is May 6 (live at the party … see below!). 
Meat SaleStock your freezer for spring & summer. Pick up date is April 30.

Plant SaleGet your spring annuals from a trusted grower. Pick up date is May 14.

CELEBRATE – Connect turns 25 in 2024!
Save the dates for our next 25th Anniversary celebrations:
Parent Cocktail Party: MOVED to Monday, May 6 (because Mondays are cheaper, and wed like as many people to come as possible!) Let’s get social! Join other parents, teachers and staff for a fun evening of cocktails off campus, nearby at the The Officer’s Club in Currie Barracks. Details to come. 
FEC Family BBQ: Saturday, May 25: 11am-3pm. Have fun at camp and enjoy lunch with the school community. This is an awesome opportunity to familiarize yourself with an important part of the Connect experience. Bus transportation will be provided from the school, or you can drive yourself. RSVP will be required.
If you can help organize either of these celebratory events, please let us know!

Grade 4: “My highlight of the day was when yelled so loud that the snow fell of the trees. The way it impacted my mental health was fun because the volcano of stress let all our emotions out.”

Grade 5 student: “My thrive experience was amazing! I learned how to control my emotions. I also learned that art and going outside is another way to help with stress and strong feelings. I found that being in the forest calmed me down and helped me calm my thoughts.”

Grade 7 student: “I really enjoyed snowshoeing because it helps me find myself and calm down but not be relaxed. I become very happy while I’m outside. I loved the fact that I could talk to my friends but also let out my stress and take my mind off of my personal life. Walking through the forests and being in big open areas surrounded by trees makes me happy and makes me think about the Goodness in life.”

Grade 8 student: “My favourite part of the day was the weaving. I found it very calming and relaxing and didn’t want to put it down. I liked being in the outdoors during these times because it is something that I don’t get to experience very often (in nature with peace and quiet.) Overall I really liked this thrive day and am looking forward to the last one.”

Shannon Bennett 

Have a wonderful week, Connect!

Shashi Shergill
Assistant Principal

Andrea Friesen
Assistant Principal