Principal Update January 15 – January 19 – Connect Charter School

Connect Charter Family Weekly Update

January 15 - January 19

This Week's Highlights

  • 📧 Email Communication: An email was shared with families about our exciting spring camp roster for the 2023-24 school year. The same information about camp experiences and fees can be found in the dropdown menu below.
  • 🗓️ January 16th - Social Media Safety Presentation: The Calgary Girls' Charter School has shared an invitation to a parent education presentation on Social Media Safety with Paul Davis. Paul Davis is a renowned expert on educating children and empowering parents on the topic of social networking and online safety. Please see details in the dropdown menu below for registration.
  • 🏊‍♂️ Grade 4 Swimming: Swimming begins next week! Check communications from our PE team for more details.
  • 🚌 Volunteering for West Coast Trip: Grade 9 parents will have received a communication specific to volunteering for the West Coast trip in June.
  • 📊 IPP Mid-Year Evaluations: IPP mid-year evaluations will be sent electronically on Friday, January 19th. Please log-in to PowerSchool and take some time to review with your child and sign off online.If you have any questions or would like to meet to discuss please reach out to the child's teacher.
  • 🚌 Bus Expectation Meetings: Meetings with students who ride the bus took place this week. The conversations were focused on creating a respectful and safe environment for all riders and drivers. We are also developing a bus user empowered use policy with a student-focus group.
  • 🎉 25-Year Anniversary Celebration: Plans are in place for various activities including an assembly, a school-wide art project, and class photos.
  • 🎓 Morning Announcements - Trivia: To celebrate our 25th Year Anniversary, trivia questions related to the history of the school are featured during morning announcements.
  • 🌡️ Inclement Weather Updates: We are hopeful for warmer conditions. The school will continue to provide information as needed. Consider signing your child up for the polar bear club. Forms were sent earlier this week.
  • 👪 School Council and Parent Society Update: Please see the update below.
Math problems in a a cold snap!

Dear Connect Families,

We are excited to share our roster of spring trips with families. Spring trips provide the opportunity to deepen curricular connections, build a sense of belonging and community and allow students to step outside of their comfort zones to promote confidence and independence. 

Our spring camp fee structure has been adjusted to provide predictability and equity across the grades.  The cost model will be to average trip costs across grades 4-8. We continue to experience ongoing increases in costs related to transportation, programming, accommodation, and food. Connect Charter School is balancing these increased costs with providing the quality experiences that our program is known for.  

All spring trips are 3-day/2-night experiences.   All spring trips continue to operate on a fee-recovery basis.  Bursaries and payment plans continue to be available for those who may require assistance.  Please contact Laurie Kangas (email below) related to payment plans or support inquiries).  


This year, the cost for all grade 4-8 spring trips will be $285.00.  

Spring Trip Fees (Outdoor Ed Camp Fees) may be paid through the PowerSchool parent account login:

  • Grade 7 Outdoor Ed Camp fees are due Jan/Feb, prior to camp dates in February
  • Grades 4-8 Outdoor Ed Camp fees are due Feb/Mar
  • Grade 9 Outdoor Ed Camp (Deposit- Nov) and Balance due Feb

(Note – for planning ahead: Annual re-Registration forms and fees for 2024-2025 occurs in April)

Please contact [email protected] or [email protected] for payment supports.


Connect Charter School Spring Camps 

4 Pioneer Camp Ranch Rocky Mountain House

May 21 -23, 2024

Personal and group development: Gaining independence, building resiliency, stepping out of comfort zones, exposure to many camp activities (horseback riding, rock climbing, water based activities).

5 Circle Square Ranch Halkirk

June 12 – 14, 2024

Personal and group development: Enhancing skills, judgment and confidence explored in the previous year but in a new setting while maintaining familiarity of activities (outlined above).

6 Cultural Exchange Edmonton Area

May 6 – 8 (6.1/6.2)

May 8 – 10 (6.3/6.4)

*Tentative dates

Learning from others: Deepening understanding and appreciation for Indigenous Ways of Knowing.  Visit to the legislature develops understanding of the provincial government.

7 Winter Camp Ribbon Creek/Nakiska

7.1 (February 12 – 14)

7.2 (February 26 – 28)

7.3 (February 21 – 23)

7.4 (March 4 – 6)

Confidence in Winter Conditions: Developing skills in winter survival, and the understanding of the night sky. Building confidence in downhill skiing/snowboarding at Nakiska.

8 Writing on Stone Milk River

May 27 – 29 (8.1/8.2)

May 29 – 31 (8.3/8.4)

*Tentative dates


Worldview: Expanding worldviews through the exploration of Writing on Stone Provincial Park which is an UNESCO World Heritage site that showcases Blackfoot culture. Visit to Nikka Yuko Japanese Gardens. 


What is the grade 9 trip this year?

  • West Coast Trip 2024 (June 10 – 14, 2024)

    • Overview: A culminating experience grounded in curricular learning outcomes for students in their final year at Connect Charter School, taking place at two locations.
  • Location 1: Camp Jubilee

    • Activities:
      • Voyager Canoeing
      • Tidal Pool/Beach Study
      • Eco Hike
      • Sea Kayaking
      • High Ropes
      • Team Building and Resiliency
  • Location 2: University of British Columbia (UBC)

    • Activities:
      • Stay and explore campus life at UBC
      • Grouse Mountain Adventure
      • MacMillan Space Centre
      • Vancouver Aquarium
      • Beaty Biodiversity Museum
      • GreenHeart Tree Walk

    What is the Connect Charter School rationale for school trips?

    School trips are a foundational component of our charter.  These experiences support the following elements of student development: 

    • Experiential Learning: The school believes in the value of hands-on experiences to enhance classroom learning. School trips provide students with authentic encounters, deepening their understanding of academic subjects.

    • Cultural Enrichment: Trips to museums, historical sites, and cultural centres are integral to learning multiple world-views. These experiences expose students to diverse cultures, histories, and perspectives, fostering a profound appreciation for global citizenship.

    • Team Building: Recognizing the importance of community and collaboration, school trips serve as opportunities for students to work together outside the classroom. These experiences contribute to the development of strong relationships and teamwork skills.

    • Outdoor Education: Connect Charter School incorporates outdoor trips to promote environmental awareness, teamwork, and outdoor skills. Activities such as camping, hiking, and participation in environmental projects offer students a holistic educational experience and foster a love of nature.

    • Skill Development: The school tailors trips to focus on specific skill development aligned with its educational goals. Whether enhancing leadership, communication, problem-solving, or critical thinking skills, these experiences contribute to students’ overall personal and academic growth.

    • Socialization: School trips provide students with non-school settings for socialization and interaction with their peers. By fostering positive relationships outside the classroom, these experiences contribute to lasting friendships.

    • Inspiration and Motivation: Connect Charter School recognizes the transformative power of exposure to new and inspiring environments. School trips are curated to ignite students’ curiosity, motivation, and passions, fostering a lifelong love of learning.

    We look forward to this year’s Spring Camps and thank all volunteers, in advance, for their support of these important experiences for all of our students.

    Connect Charter School


The Calgary Girls’ School has shared an invitation to a parent education presentation on Social Media Safety with Paul Davis. Paul Davis is a renowned expert on educating children and empowering parents on the topic of social networking and online safety. Please see details in the dropdown menu below for registration.




This is not a new name for the Lost and Found, but an actual “closet” at both the school and at the FEC. These clothes help ensure that all students can participate in all the activities provided; especially when children arrive without the appropriate clothing. New and gently used items can be borrowed and returned at the end of the activity. They will be cleaned at the end of each use.
The Connect Closet includes (in various sizes):
Fleece/ base layers
Boots/ runners
Water bottles
Gloves, toques, neck warmers 
Thank you to Saara Ehalt, Evan Ferguson and the Admin team as well as the parents who came out and helped purchase, sort and label the clothing.  
STUDENT CELEBRATION – Connect turns 25 in 2024!
If you’d like to volunteer for the Student Celebration on January 24 & 25, please let us know by emailing Grades will take turns at an assembly, special photo sesh, time capsule, group art project and more! There will be CAKE. 
There will be adult off-campus cocktail party a BBQ/family day at the FEC this spring. Stay tuned!
Get ready to buy some raffle tickets, and dream of dream destinations! Launching soon…
SCHOOL COUNCIL / PARENT SOCIETY MEETING –  Wednesday January 31, 9:15am
Our next combined meeting with an update from Administration will be held in the Learning Commons with an option to join online. Have a coffee on us, meet some other parents, hear about what’s going on and see if you’d like to get involved. Everyone’s welcome!
FUN LUNCHES – Order for January, February & March!
We may sound like a broken record, but we continue to hear from parents still want to order Fun Lunches. Yes, ongoing ordering is available! Check out Healthy Hunger (, set up a new account, find Connect Charter School in the list and register your student. Questions? Email Fun Lunches team at [email protected]a
Lots of bottles piled up from the holidays? Building up a stash of Bubly during Dry January? Your returns are a great fundraiser for Connect. Try SKIP THE DEPOT and have your return $$ go directly to the school!

Have a wonderful week, Connect!

Shannon Bennett 

Shashi Shergill
Assistant Principal

Andrea Friesen
Assistant Principal