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Summer is here.

Dear Connect Families,


The school year of 2022-2023 at Connect Charter School was filled with energy and excitement as our full program returned. Our students eagerly participated in a wide range of elective classes, joined various student-led clubs, and embarked on offsite adventures during our fall and spring camps. Our sports teams represented us admirably, showcasing exemplary citizenship and pride both on the court and in the field. The building came alive with vibrant fine arts performances and showcases. Learning flourished as collaborative experiences regained their significance, fostering a stronger sense of belonging in the classroom. As a community of learners, students grew in confidence in their academic subjects while benefiting from authentic inquiry-based learning that connected their studies with real-life experiences.


The staff of Connect Charter School warmly welcomed four classes of grade four students, while bidding farewell to four classes of grade nine students, offering them well wishes for their future endeavors. Our six-year program aims to provide students with enduring experiences and friendships that will empower them to become exceptional citizens both now and in the years to come.


With heartfelt gratitude, we acknowledge the many students who generously shared their diverse gifts, perspectives, and contributions within our community. We also extend our recognition to the dedicated enthusiasm of our staff, including teachers, education assistants, the front office team, the business team, and the facilities staff, all working in partnership to create the best possible learning and growth environment.  Our program can only be realized with the support and vision of our board of directors; we thank them for their commitment to the school. We express deep appreciation for the invaluable parent involvement in our School Council, Parent Society, fun lunch events, and the countless volunteers who enrich our students’ experiences and make our program a reality.


Congratulations, everyone, on making it a truly remarkable year!


Shannon Bennett, Shashi Shergill, Andrea Friesen

Have a wonderful week, Connect!

Shannon Bennett 

Shashi Shergill
Assistant Principal

Andrea Friesen
Assistant Principal