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Connect Charter Family Weekly Update

October 31 - November 4

This Week's Highlights

Our Drama Elective went to Storybook Theatre.

At the end of the 2021-2022 school year, our plan was to notify parents in November whether we were in a place to re-introduce distinct spring camps for each grade level. We feel the balance of both a recursive fall trip to the Field Experience Centre along with a unique trip in the spring for each grade level provides rich learning experiences for our students.

This communication provides families with an overview of the spring camp experiences for each grade. This is an initial communication and more details will follow to provide families with information in a timely manner. Specific details and the final cost of the trip has yet to be determined because some of our service providers do not take bookings until later in the school year. We hope to have a communication of the cost of the spring trip to families by January. Bursaries are available for those who may require some assistance with the fee cost, more details will follow. Naturally, the proposed camp itinerary may be subject to change depending on availability.

We would like to be clear that prior to COVID-19 and during the pandemic, some of our previous service providers have either changed their priorities or their occupancy limits which has impacted access for our school. This has resulted in the development of new spring camps in several grades.

The spring camp plan for the 2022-23 school year follows:

Grade 4
Location: Dinosaur Provincial Park
Tentative Accommodation: Dinosaur Provincial Camp Group Campground
Transportation: Bus
Potential Activities: Bassano Dam Tour; Dinosaur Provincial Park Tour; Brooks Aquatic Centre
Tentative Dates: June 5 – 7 (Grade 4.1 and 4.2 ) June 7 – 9 (Grade 4.3 and 4.4)
*A note to grade four families that the grade 5 trip next year will be different from what is identified here to allow for a distinct experience.

Grade 5
Location: Dinosaur Provincial Park
Tentative Accommodation: Dinosaur Provincial Camp Group Campground
Transportation: Bus
Potential Activities: Dinosaur Provincial Park Tour, Blackfoot Crossing, Bassano Dam
Tentative Dates: May 24 – 26 (Grade 5.1 and 5.2) May 29 – 31 (Grade 5.3 and 5.4)

Grade 6
Location: Culture Camp & Edmonton
Tentative Accommodation: Cabins at MECCS Culture Camp
Transportation: Bus
Potential Activities: FNMI cultural exchange, Legislature Tour, Science Centre
Tentative Dates: May 1 – 5 (May 1 -3, Grade 6.1 & 6.2) (May 3 – 5, Grade 6.3 & 6.4)

Grade 7
Location: Ribbon Creek
Tentative Accommodation: HI Kananaskis Hostel
Transportation: Bus
Potential Activities: X-country skiing, quinzee building, stargazing
Tentative Dates:
January 23 – 25 (Grade 7.1)
January 31 – February 2 (Grade 7.2)
February 6 – 8 (Grade 7.3)
February 13 – 15 (Grade 7.4)

Grade 8
Location: Writing on Stone Provincial Park
Tentative Accommodation: Writing on Stone Provincial Park Campground
Transportation: Bus
Potential Activities: Tour/lab activities at U of L, Writing on Stone tour, Japanese Gardens, Water Treatment tour
Tentative Dates: May 8 – 12 (May 8 -10, Grade 8.3 & 8.4) (May 10 – 12, Grade 8.1 & 8.2)
* A note to grade 8 families that we are considering on a trip to the west coast for your child’s grade 9 school year. Bamfeild no longer provides the occupancy that we need so we would be looking at a different program.

Grade 9
Location: Columbia Outdoor School and Blue Lake Camp (near Canal Flats B.C.)
Tentative Accommodation: Cabins at Blue Lake
Transportation: Bus
Potential Activities: Low & High Ropes, Challenge Course, Canoeing, curricular ties and leadership development
Tentative Dates: May 29 – June 2 (Full Grade)
*A note to grade 9 families: this five day camp experience that features student development in leadership has been selected because there is no airfare required. The potential unreliability of air travel at this time could result in a cancellation that would be very disappointing for our grade 9 students. We have selected an experience that we believe will be deeply engaging and provide them with leadership skills that will be an asset in high school and beyond.


THANK YOU to everyone in the Connect community who supported the Meat Fundraiser, and especially to our volunteers who came to help make the distribution quick and efficient. Look for a second meat fundraiser in the spring.

BE IN THE KNOW – minutes from Tuesday’s meeting will be available later this month. Our next meeting is Nov 15 at 6:30pm. Tune in to get a valuable update from the Principal as to what’s going on in the school.

FUN LUNCHES – it’s not too late to order! You may have missed a couple deliveries, but Nov 8th onwards is still open for ordering. That’s 10 more opportunities to order a lunch or snack for your child, and a very important part of Connect Charter’s fundraising. Visit or contact the Fun Lunch team with questions at [email protected].

GIFTS AND PRE-HOLIDAY FUNDRAISING – launching early December, sales of Purdy’s chocolates and FundScrip Gift Cards which make great gifts (or buy some to use for your own shopping). Keep this in mind as you’re making gift lists and stay tuned for more details! For those of you who loved the wreath and poinsettia sale last year, unfortunately we don’t have space at the school to store and manage the distribution. In the spring, we hope to offer a plant sale when more space is available.

SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIR – Dec 8 & 9. Save the date for a book fair in the Learning Commons during the Student-Led Conferences. Volunteers will be needed Dec 6-9 to include set up and take down. A sign up schedule will be available soon.

EVENTS FOR FAMILIES – in 2023, we’re thinking of a movie night and dance on campus, and possibly a dinner (bus transportation provided) with overnight option at the FEC. Do these things interest you? Want to help out? Let us know your thoughts! Email us at [email protected]

PARENT EDUCATION – Connect Charter is a member of ASCA (Association of School Councils of Alberta) which hosts a wide range of online information sessions geared toward parents, helping us all cope with issues around mental health, gaming, social media, and more. The valuable, expert-led presentations are generally free or low cost ($25) and require advance registration. To see the full calendar visit:

CASH FOR BOTTLES – don’t forget you can select Connect Charter as your designated charity with Skip the Depot, which will pick up bottles, electronic and clothing recycling. Check out to sign up.

WANT TO GET INVOLVED? Please reach out – so many opportunities… Email [email protected].


Tuesday’s meeting was deferred until November 15. We don’t have much news to share, except that we will launch a 50/50 Cash Raffle timed with one of the proposed events. We’re still looking for parents or community members who can help with donation or procurement of a PRIZE raffle – flight passes, hotel stays and unique experiences can make for a great raffle (and Connect Charter gets to keep all the cash!). Email [email protected]. Thank you!

To stay healthy and to prevent the spread of illness, Alberta Health Services (AHS) is urging all Albertans to get immunized against influenza and reduce their risk of being infected.
Influenza – commonly referred to as the flu – is a respiratory disease caused by a virus that affects the nose, throat and lungs. Influenza is contagious and is easily transmitted from person
to person.
Getting immunized is the best defense against influenza and COVID-19 viruses. In addition,wash your hands often, cover coughs and sneezes, and stay home when sick.
By getting an influenza vaccine, you are protecting your own health, the health of seniors andother vulnerable people around you, and Alberta’s health system so it can provide care to those
who most need it, including those with COVID-19.
COVID-19 vaccines, including boosters, are being offered to eligible individuals five years of age or older with each influenza vaccine appointment booked.
It is safe to get the influenza vaccine at the same time as your COVID-19 vaccine.
For anyone five years of age and older, the influenza vaccine and the COVID-19 vaccine can be given as two separate shots at the same appointment. A separate COVID-19 vaccine
appointment is not required.
Please confirm at the time of your influenza appointment if you can receive both vaccines.
Book your free flu vaccine to protect yourself and loved ones.
Immunization appointment booking: Influenza and COVID-19:
Influenza information:
COVID-19 information:

Here is the link to the Connect Spirit Wear Store. The link will be open from October 17 to November 5. All deliveries will be handed out to your child at school approximately the week of November 28.

Have a wonderful week, Connect!

Shannon Bennett 

Shashi Shergill
Assistant Principal

Andrea Friesen
Assistant Principal