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In the library

“Before you abandon a book, have you …
Read at least 25% or 50 pages?
Talked to someone who has read the book?
Skimmed over some of the slow or boring parts?
Changed the way you interact with the book (audio book/graphic)?”
                               Jodi Garagan

What is happening in the library?

Read a book about your favourite sport,

Cosy up with a snowy read this winter holiday,

Explore Thrive Days, and more.

Guest Authors

Read some of the titles by guest authors making virtual presentations to Connect in October and November. 

New Fiction


Explore some of the new titles in our collection.

Noteworthy Non-Fiction

Find fascinating facts.

Trending Young Adult

Trending young adult titles for older readers.

If you liked…

Try one of these titles.


Use the Sora app on your iPad to access the ebooks and audiobooks in our collection.

Reading and Research

Delve into databases to find in-depth information for scholarly research.