April 15 – April 18 – Connect Charter School

Connect Charter Family Weekly Update

April 15 - April 18

This Week's Highlights

A picture to celebrate three charter schools coming together to learn from each other; Calgary Arts Academy, Connect Charter School, and Mother Earth Charter School. This program is part of the grade 6 cultural exchange experience.


There’s so much going on! Grab a coffee, tea or glass of wine and read on…


Buy something for yourself, enter a contest and help fundraise for important programs at Connect. These are all open to friends, family and anyone who might want to support you, supporting Connect. We appreciate you passing these on!

WestJet RaffleWin a Flight Pass for Two (approx value $4,250)… anywhere WestJet flies! PLUS the 2nd Prize is $500 cash. Draw date is May 6 (live at the Parent Social … see below!). 

Meat SaleStock your freezer for spring & summer. Bow River Meats, FRESH Bacon (new!) and Spolumbo’s Sausage. YUM! Order until April 18. Pick up date is April 30.

Plant SaleGet your spring annuals and indoor plants (new!) from a trusted grower. Order until April 28. Pick up date is May 14.

EVENTS – Celebrate Connect turning 25!

Parent Social: Monday, May 6: 6-8:30pm at the Inn on Officer’s GardenJoin other parents, teachers and staff for a fun evening of dinner and drinks. Tickets on sale for two weeks only – buy them now via e-transfer to schoolcouncil@connectcharter.ca, or drop a cash/cheque at the school. Tickets $75 per person. Optionally you may also gift a teacher ticket for $50 or contribute to a fund for subsidized families to attend (tickets distributed at school discretion). Be sure to include your name and email address with your payment so that we can email you a confirmation. Spread the word! 

FEC Family BBQ: Saturday, May 25: 11am-3pm. Have fun at camp and enjoy lunch with the school community. This is an awesome opportunity to familiarize yourself with an important part of the Connect experience. Bus transportation will be provided from the school, or you can drive yourself. FREE for everyone, RSVP will be required.

FUN LUNCHES – Term 3 is upon us!

Order your lunches (Tuesdays) and snacks (Fridays) at https://healthyhunger.ca
Volunteer to help out over the noon hour: visit Sign-up Genius

MEETINGS – Join us to stay informed!

AGM for School Council & Parent Society: Tuesday, April 23 at 6:30pm. Directors and officers will be elected for the upcoming school year. Contact us if you are interested in any committee roles, at-large positions or directors. There’s always room at this party!

Questions? Drop us a line at schoolcouncil@connectcharter.ca


Who makes class lists?

Teachers who have worked with students for the full year and understand the dynamics of these individuals in a learning setting make class lists.  Our Education Assistants and comp/PE team are also involved to share what they have observed.  Designing class lists is a highly complex process that takes considerable amount of time and care.  

What is the process for making class lists?

We prioritize learning when considering class lists.  There is a considerable amount of work involved in creating balanced classes that takes into consideration learning needs, social and emotional needs, gender balance and friendship requests.  

-Students request 5 individuals for their class next year and we aim to have at least one in their class. 

-In the rare circumstance that a parent has put forward a request, the student’s friendship request is not always able to be accommodated. 

We value the notion that changing classes is an opportunity for students to broaden their friendship base and understand that the beginning of the year can be a time of adjustment and transition that comes with a range of emotions.  Teachers work to build community with intention in the first part of the school year and it is exciting to see friendships develop over the course of a year. 

What can I do to support this process?

Parents can help students understand the opportunity to develop life skills in being in new settings with different people.  It is important to help support students in building a broad number of friendships and acquaintances across a grade, particularly when our students move on to a variety of high schools.  Reaching out to a teacher when you child is struggling to develop new friendships can help our staff be aware to create opportunities to foster new connections.  

Shannon Bennett 

Have a wonderful week, Connect!

Shashi Shergill
Assistant Principal

Andrea Friesen
Assistant Principal