Wellness while e-Learning

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24/7 Support in a Crisis - Kids Help Phone

If you are in crisis and need someone to talk to now, we are recommending Kids Help Phone – with whom you can call, chat, or text, 24/7. Professional counsellors can provide immediate and caring support to you when you are dealing with a problem, making a hard decision, or concerned with feelings or mood. The service is free, confidential, anonymous.

Kids Help Phone at 1-800-668-6868 | Provides you with access to a professional counsellor by phone to discuss their issue or concern 24 hours a day.
Kids Help Phone Online  | Provides you with online information and services. You can learn about “being me”, bullying, dating, emotional health, family, feelings, friendship, the Internet, LGBTQ, money, your body, physical health, school, sexting, violence and abuse.
Kids Help Phone – Live Chat Counselling | Provides you the opportunity to chat online, one-on-one with a professional counsellor. Chat services can be accessed from computer, smartphone or tablet. This service may not be available 24/7.
Text | You can also TEXT “Connect” to 68686 for support 

Student Resources

We’ve got your back! Maintaining or building positive mental health is an important part of eLearning right now. When you have a few free minutes, check out these interactive websites, apps, and videos.

Physical activity helps healthy growth and development. It: gives us energy, decreases stress, makes us stronger, and prolongs independence as we age. Regular physical activity in childhood develops: strength, heart health, and bone density. Many of the activities and behaviours listed in the links below are still possible while social distancing. Check them out!

Finally, check out Mr. Ferguson’s home work out video – follow along, and stay active!

Parent Resources

This can be an emotionally challenging time. We provide the resources below as some structure and guidance for supporting your child’s mental wellbeing and learning.

Healthy 7 Series

Discovering your new “temporary normal” means finding a modified routine that promotes physical and mental wellness. 

In this Healthy 7 Series, Connect staff will share and discuss ideas in 7 minutes to help you keep healthy and well during your time away from school. 

If you need help, or what to get connected, you can contact any of the school staff using their Connect Charter School email and the Kids Help Phone is an anonymous 24 hr call centre that can help you work through difficult times or in an emergency situation.