The teaching staff and administration of Connect Charter School recognize the immense value of the many volunteers who support our school and we welcome new volunteers.

Connect volunteers are needed to help directly with the school in the following ways:

  • School council
  • Classroom help
  • Field trips
  • Outdoor education
  • Scholastic book order coordinators
  • Science fair judges
  • Camp Sweet work bees and so much more.
  • There are also many ways for parents to support our school and programs indirectly with their support from home.

How to Become a Connect Volunteer

Please contact the school office in order to receive a letter authorizing your application to volunteer. You will need this letter in order to complete the on-line Electronic Calgary Police Information Check (ePIC). The ePIC form is completed on-line. The applicant will be notified by the Calgary Police Service electronically once the screening is complete. An approved ePIC is good for 3 years, after which volunteers must reapply. There is an additional form for volunteers wishing to drive students (other than their own children) to school sponsored events, which can be accessed by contacting the school office. This driver form must be completed annually. Read a full description of the process and requirements about becoming a volunteer by reading our Volunteer Handbook.


The log-in portal for volunteers can be found below.