Volunteer Profiles

Volunteer Profiles

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"Volunteering is an important part to me and my family. I always try to step up when I can. I believe its important to give back to the community as well as the school and make it a better place."


“Get involved – get to know what’s happening and work with great parents and staff!”


"Volunteering is so important and allows the school to offer such a great program. The kids have the opportunity to bond and learn outside the classroom. The kids are so proud of their accomplishments. I feel like I am supporting the school in providing our kids with such a rich education."


“I thought that was something I could be helpful with. I quickly learned it was also fun.”


“Volunteering is an important part of helping a successful school operate on so many levels.”


“Schools can’t run without their parent volunteers...the truth is everyone has a part to play.”


"Our school is an extraordinary place of learning -- and the more I learn about it, the more I want to volunteer to support Connect."


“They might not admit it, but I think our kids enjoy having their parents volunteer around the school, at least on occasion.”


“If you CAN volunteer, DO volunteer. You and your child will both get so much more out of their time at Connect.”


"The thank-you’s from the staff and even the students are some of the best rewards."


"To build a strong community you need a committed volunteer base."

Fun Lunch Volunteer Committee

"Volunteering for Fun Lunch is a great way to meet parents, staff and sometimes get a quick visit from your kiddo."

Connect Charter School Council

Did you know that every parent/legal guardian of a student at Connect Charter School is a member of our School Council?

Connect Charter Parent Society

CCPS is comprised of members of Connect Charter School and is responsible for all activities that involve AGLC licences.