Wellness at Connect





Connect aims to nurture collaborative and caring relationships with mutual respect between students, staff, and community members. Opportunities for social engagement and development are embedded within our Charter. The collaborative nature of our classrooms allow students to develop and apply communication skills for working with others, and interacting with various members of our community both in and outside of the classroom. Another way students are supported to develop social relationships is through clubs, electives, and community initiatives, bringing together and creating opportunities for comradery over shared interests. Outdoor and off campus experiences provide opportunities for students to appreciate the world outside of the classroom and to develop social, leadership, and stewardship skills. During off-site outings, students interact with one another through structured and unstructured play and activities. Creating memories together outside of the school walls allows students to connect, form friendships and lasting memories.

Educators are in a good position to notice when students require emotional support, and are often the first point of contact for students experiencing difficulty at school. Connect staff strive to meet students where they’re at with understanding and care, recognizing that at any given time a student may rely on adult help for emotional regulation. Developing positive emotional health is foundational to student success and overall well-being. We aim to prevent risk, offer support, teach skills to cope with difficult or overwhelming feelings, and encourage self-advocacy. Guided programs, including a school-wide initiative called THRIVE, that align with our school’s philosophy around mutual respect, allow opportunities for student wellness, development, and community building among various grade groups. Connect also supports emotional health through external partnerships. We have developed relationships with school psychologists, counselors, health and wellness centers, and social agencies to support families and healthy child development. Our students have access to a variety of emotional wellness resources that can either be provided by the school, or referred to you.

Students’ academic performance and their emotional / mental health are closely linked. Staff at Connect work closely with students to build relationships, teach mindfulness and help students work at recognizing their strengths while challenging them to meet their goals. If students feel strong mentally, they are empowered learners. It is important at Connect to respect the diversity of each student’s unique strengths and individual goals. Mental wellness builds student capacity using a strengths-based approach that recognizes and develops talents so that students can positively engage with their peers, community as well as academics. If students are  self-aware and have strategies that they can use for self-regulation, self-efficacy and self- advocacy they can, in turn, use these skills to feel confident to tackle any academic challenges that they may come across.