Phil Butterfield

Phil Butterfield



How long have you been working at Connect Charter School? 15 years.

What is your favourite unit to teach? The Canadian Political System.

What is your educational/professional background? Doctor of Education (Leadership).

What brought you to Connect? The philosophy of the school is totally in sync with my beliefs about teaching, learning, and leading. It was a natural fit for me and I’ve been here ever since (with the exception of a 10 month hiatus to Alberta Education in 2014).

What do you consider the best part of working at our school? Watching learning come to life for students through field experiences is way up on a list of dozens of ‘best parts’.  

What do you like to do when you’re not at school?  Spend time with family, run, cycle, hike, run.

What is your most recent rewarding moment as a staff member at Connect? There are two: 1. Spending time with each staff member during fireside chats and finding out their  dreams, ambitions, and fears. 2.  The display of extraordinary citizenship when 4 students wrote me a letter saying they wanted  to hold a bake sale to pay for their friend’s broken iPad screen that got cracked accidentally.

Bonus questions

Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know about you? I served as a police officer for 14 years in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley before going into education. 


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