Registration and Admissions
Connect has an admissions process in order to accommodate the high demand for space in the school. 
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UPDATE! Lottery Process - Grade 4 2023 entry, dob 2014

Jan 10, 2022 update

If your student was born in 2014, Grade 4 2023 entry, the Lottery Process applies to you. You take action the spring of grade 2, 2022. Lottery entry April-May 2022!

Note: our intake year is grade 4 only. The lottery process is applicable only for grade 4 entry each year.

Grades 5-9: Spaces become available if a student leaves the program. Grades 5-9 operate on a waitlist system. Contact [email protected] with your student’s current grade and date of birth to determine if there is space on the waitlist.

Lottery Process


  1. Your child was born in 2014, and is entering grade 4 in 2023-2024.
  2. When your child is in grade 2, check our school website for details. Updates will be posted by January each year.
  3. April 15 – May 31, 2022, you will enter the lottery for a waitlist spot.
  4. June 2022, the lottery draw will be completed, you will be advised your position on the waitlist. 

**If your child is born after 2014, same guideline applies, when they enter grade 2, check the school website and follow the lottery process.


Connect Charter School has amended its policy on student admissions. These changes will affect procedures for Grade 4 admissions beginning with the 2023-24 school year.  Parents will follow these steps:

Step 1

April 15 – May 31, 2022: Lottery Open. The Application link on the Connect Charter School website will be open. Parents who wish to have their child added to the list of prospective students for Grade 4 2023 may do so at any time while the link is open. 

Step 2

June 2022 Lottery Run: After the registration link closes (May 31), all names of prospective students will be entered into a lottery. The draw will take place June 2022 and all those who were entered will be advised of their placement on the list resulting from the lottery. Note: Siblings of current students will be sorted to a priority sibling list each year. The lottery will determine all subsequent placements.

Step 3

January 2023 Information Session: Parents of prospective students whose names are among the first 250 drawn in the lottery will be invited to a Parent Information Session meeting to be held before the end of January 2023. Attendance at this meeting is compulsory in order for a child’s name to remain on the prospective student list. Immediately following the orientation, parents may sign up for a school tour to be scheduled prior to mid- February.

Step 4

January 2023 Admission Documents: Parents in attendance at the orientation are to submit Admission Documents (including a Student Profile Questionnaire, current and previous report card, copy of birth certificate, student writing sample) through our website. The Application with documents is due by February 5.

Step 5

February-March 2023: Applications are reviewed and Placement offers begin. Based on information provided in the Student Profile Questionnaire and Application, school administration may contact parents of students with specific needs to gather further information and determine if their needs can be accommodated at Connect.

Step 6

April 2023: Registration and fee payment for the following school year opens for approximately 10 days. Once a student is registered, information will be distributed to parents, including the Parent Handbook, Volunteer Information, school calendar, and multi-day field experience schedule.

Waitlisted - Wanting More Information

Applicable to:

Grade 4 entry 2022-2023, birth year 2013 (waitlist is FULL and CLOSED for Grade 4 2022 entry)

What to Expect:

November of your child’s Grade 3 year: We will contact you by email. You must respond to remain on the waitlist. Send an email address update to [email protected]. If you have not heard from us by December, then please contact the school.

January before Grade 4: We will email you an invitation to the Parent Information Session held at the end of January. Attendance is mandatory, or communication with the office, to remain on the waitlist. Admission Documents Requirements are outlined in January email. Admission Documents are due by January 31.

February before Grade 4: Virtual School Tour available.  Admission Documents are reviewed by administration during February. Parent/administration meetings may be scheduled.

March before Grade 4: Placement Spots are offered. If offers are refused we continue through the waitlist. All 104 spots are usually filled by March Spring Break. Please ensure your correct email address remains on file, as communication is completed through email. 

April before Grade 4: Registration opens at Connect Charter. You will receive Registration Instructions once you have accepted a spot for your child.

FAQ and Important Information

› We intake 104 students each grade 4 year. There are 4 classes of 26 students in every grade.
There are currently 400 names on the grade 4 waitlists.
We move through names and lists fairly quickly to fill spots. In order to be fair to those who applied, if we don’t hear from you, we move on (see note at bottom about keeping contact information up to date).
Communication is completed through email.
Make sure the office has a current email address that you check frequently.
It takes approx 150-250 names to fill 104 spots. It varies every year. We cannot guess or guarantee how a waitlist position will translate to a registration.
The remaining names on the waitlist are rolled over for grade 5, if the families are interested.
Your original waitlist number at registration will not decrease through the years after kindergarten. There are rarely removals from the waitlist until we start contacting people in November of their grade 3 year.
Your original waitlist number at registration may have increased due to our sibling waitlist. We have a sibling waitlist policy to try and keep families together.
If you accept a spot for your child, their sibling will move to the sibling waitlist of the appropriate grade. Grade 5-9 spots are only available if a student moves away or leaves the program. Siblings are placed on the waitlist in the order of first point of contact for the family.
Spots may be offered throughout the summer and school year for all grades. If circumstances change and a student withdraws from the program, then we go to the waitlist.

Please ensure your correct email address remains on file, as communication is completed through email. If you have not heard from us by December, then please contact the school office at [email protected] or 403-282-2890.