eLearning Helpdesk and Support

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Zoom is a platform Connect is using for “virtual face-to-face learning”.

› Several users are reporting an issue where they are asked for a birthdate. Zoom allows users under 16 in K-12, but certain users are still being prompted for a birthdate to confirm. Please use Jan 1, 2000, as your birthday if you are prompted
› Ensure you are signed in with Google – you will NOT be able to sign directly in to the App (see the “I need help with my password or login” section below for support in signing in with Google/Microsoft IDs)
› Click the link directly from your teacher. This is easier than entering a meeting ID and password
› Make sure when prompted, you allow access to your camera and microphone

If your name was Rubeus Hagrid, your:
Microsoft Login: [email protected]
Google Login: [email protected] (then your Microsoft login)
New iPad Login: rubeushag

If you still can’t login, please first contact your teacher using your parents’ email.

Finally, if you can’t login, please complete a ticket – you need to include your full name, student number (if you know it), parents’ phone number, and date of birth:

Your child may need additional accessories to create a focused learning environment – such as a keyboard to free up screen space, headphones to focus sound and cancel out background noise, or an extra long USB. Here are a few examples from the Amazon Store, which can be shipped to your door:

Our IT team, via a helpdesk message (click “I need help with my device” above), can provide additional suggestions. We also may have certain accessories on hand which we can lend to you. Please reach out for more information.
Please contact us through a request below.
Can't email us?
Call and leave a message.

Upgrade to macOS Catalina (For Grade 9 Students with MacBooks)

Upgrade to macOS Catalina
macOS Catalina streamlines macOS, fixes bugs with Zoom, enables Screen Time for families, and more. We highly recommend upgrading as soon as possible to take advantage of these benefits. We encourage this to happen before the end of the 2019-2020 school year.


-You must be plugged into Power
-Ensure that there is 8 GB of free space (delete or backup unneeded apps, photos, memes, etc.)
-Your computer will be offline for approximately 45-60 minutes
-Make sure you know the helpdesk number if your computer is stuck (587-885-2955) or connectcharter.ca/elearning-helpdesk
Process to Upgrade:
-The macOS Catalina Installer will be downloaded to Applications automatically, do NOT use it. Verify it is there, and once it is there, you can proceed.

-Restart your Mac once.

-Open Self-Service, and run “Update Inventory (jamf recon)”

-Look in self service for “Upgrade to macOS Catalina” (There are two icons with Catalina, make sure you run this one)

-Press upgrade