Electives (2019-2020 – Term 3)

2019-2020 - Term 3 - Electives

Course Name Teacher 1 Teacher 2 Prerequisite Grade(s) Description
Analog Game Design GKutcher None 7, 8, 9

Game Design this term will focus on analog [or board] game design. We will start by playing some games, looking at what defines a game, and analyzing some of the games we have played. Then, for the majority of the term, the students will be designing, testing and refining games of their own design.

Backpacking (8/9) CNilsson GNeil None 8, 9

This elective will teach students the basics of backpacking, including: backcountry safety, cooking, packing and planning, clothing and food choices, tent set up, fire starting, and team work. Students will participate in a one or two night trip near the end of term, and several day or afternoon trips to gain familiarity with hiking while wearing a pack. Students do not need to own their own tents or trekking packs. Partcipants are encouraged to have access to rain gear, appropriate water-proof hiking shoes, sleeping bag, and thermarest (You can still participate in this elective if you do not have any of this equipemnt, please speak to the teachers). No prior experience camping or backpacking is required, but a positive attitude is absolutely necessary!

Bike YYC 8/9 JMonteith EMcDonald None 8, 9

This elective will focus on teaching principles of Outdoor Education through cycling. We will make use of the school’s fleet of bicycles to explore local pathways while learning about bicycles and bike maintenance, navigation, safe city travel and outdoor appreciation through immersion. This elective will also emphasize the development of student autonomy, leadership, teamwork and outdoor preparedness through targeted lessons, games, and exploration of outdoor spaces by bike. Students should expect to be outdoors and active every elective day. Participants will need to bring their own approved helmets and appropriate outdoor gear. (Please note, some experience with cycling is necessary for this elective and the focus is travel-based, there will be no stunt or speed component. Experienced cyclists will be encouraged to take on a leadership role. Participants will not be permitted to bring their own bikes due to storage difficulty at the school.)

Caligraphy & Watercolor KMcKinnon TMayerle None 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Students will learn and practice the basic skills of caligraphy and water colour. We will begin the term focusing on our calligraphy skills to eventually create posters, cards, etc. Once we have mastered this skill, we will play around with water colour to enhance the overall appeal of our work. We will create some pieces with the intention of brightening the days of those around us. Also, we will discuss potentially selling some of our pieces to donate to a meaningful cause within Calgary. Come join us in this elective to practice these beautiful skills!

Closed to New: Agents of Change GGroeller N/A 8, 9

Second term of Agents of Change (for student enrolled in Agents of Change already).

Closed to New: Grade 8/9 Leadership KHaigh Students will complete Fort Steele Leader Application and be Chosen by Ms. Haigh. Thier applications are due February 21 and the final students will be chosen by Fenruary 24. 8, 9

This elective is only for students who have already been selected as a Fort Steele Leader. Students can apply to be in this elective by completing the application to be a Fort Steele Leader. The final participants will be chosen through a selection process based on their answers given in the application. Applications are Due Friday February 21. 16 students will be chosen to go on the trips with 4 additional students acting as alternates. These students will receive the training but may not get to go on the Fort Steele trip. Having the training greatly increases their chances of being selected for the following year.

The first month of this elective will be dedicated to training for Fort Steele. Students will be taught various games and activities they can play with students while at Fort Steele. They will also be taught about leadership in routines and the importance of modeling. The rest of the term will be spent working with other electives in leadership roles as well as continuing to practice and learn new leadership skills.

Coding on the iPad Level 1 KSonico None 4, 5, 6, 7

In this elective you’ll learn problem solving, critical thinking, and the fundamentals of computer
programming, all while creating games, stories, animations, and interactive art pieces. Through these
challenges and assignments, students learn lessons on loops, values, and debugging. The elective will use
the iPad apps, Hopscotch and Swift Playground, as the introduction to coding. This is an elective for the
beginning coder. No coding experience is required, but a willingness to tinker and persevere are.

Coding on the iPad Level 2 GStevenson Coding on the ipad Level 1 or Girls Who Code 4, 5, 6, 7

“If you can imagine it, you can make it!” and “Make mistakes, have fun!” were words that we lived by in our #CodingRockstars elective. This elective takes coding up a notch and expands on the problem solving, critical thinking and fundamental programming skills students already possess. Students will be creating more challenging games, stories, animations, and interactive art pieces. Through new challenges and assignments students will move deeper into loops, values, algorithms, and debugging. This is an elective for the intermediate and advanced iPad coder, who feels comfortable working independently and is wishing to be an active member of a coding community. The elective will use the scratch language, as well as additional coding languages and the microbit peripherils. Previous coding experience is necessary in this course. Students registering in this course should have already taken the introductory course. Priority will be given to students who have not previously taken the second level course.

Connect Charter’sDragon’s Den JPereverzoff New to this elective 6, 7

Have you ever had a creative or innovative idea for a product or business? Have you ever looked for an app online and realized that it didn’t exist? Have you ever said to yourself, “This idea could make me millions!!!!”? From the fashion industry to the sports and electronic gaming industry, there is money to be made. But how do these ideas turn into money??? Well, if any of these thoughts have ever crossed your mind, than this elective is for you!! In this elective, you will have the opportunity to create a product, business, and/or and app idea from the ground up. If you enjoy thinking outside the box and have ever wondered how ideas are shaped into successful business ventures, sign up today!

Connect Reads MLeland None 5, 6, 7, 8

If you love to read and have passionate discussions, then this is the elective for you. Students will have choice as to genre and novels they would like to read and explore.
Connect Reads will follow the same format of “Canada Reads”. We will read and explore fiction novels that follow a similar theme. After all the chosen books are read, we will debate which books were closest to the theme. In the end we will chose the winner and declare it the Connect Book of the Year. Please visit the CBC website to learn more about Canada Reads.

Cycling YYC 6/7 CPrice PTam None 6, 7

This elective will focus on teaching principles of Outdoor Education through cycling. We will make use of the school’s fleet of bicycles to explore local pathways while learning about bicycles and bike maintenance, navigation, and outdoor appreciation through immersion. Our emphasize will be on basic bicycle riding development and safe travel on both roadways and City of Calgary pathways. Students should expect to be outdoors and active every elective day. Participants will need to bring their own approved helmets and appropriate outdoor gear. (Please note, this is a beginnger level cycling elective, there will be no stunt or speed component. Experienced cyclists will be encouraged to take on a leadership role. Participants will not be permitted to bring their own bikes due to storage difficulty at the school.)

Film Studies CDittmann None 7, 8, 9

This elective will see students think critically about a variety of films from different genres (action/adventure, dramatic, documentary, science fiction, comedy, animation, etc.) while considering the filmmaking process and decisions made in creating and producing a film. Acting, directing, cinematography, costume, lighting, visual effects, sound effects, character development, theme and other aspects of film will be explored in depth. Students will communicate their understanding of the concepts we explore through a variety of mediums, including written reflections and class discussions. Please note that films viewed in this course may be rated up to “PG-13”.

Foods JAvramenko NEW to this elective 9

In this course, students will learn about healthy eating initiatives, including knowledge of the Canada’s Food Guide, but also healthy snacking and smart ingredient choices. There will also be significant work intended to improve basic cooking skills. These skills include recipe reading, ingredient choice/combination, knife use, as well as basic skills in oven and stove use. Most importantly, the term will concentrate heavily on safety, sanitation, and collaboration. Cleaning food and one’s self is a priority, but also how to appropriately clean equipment and workspace effectively in combination with peers.

Get Growing: Urban Expedition Edition IWaite None 4, 5, 6

LET’S GET OUTSIDE!! This elective is a chance to build our outdoor skills, learn about the plants that surround us, and become better citizens. A combination of outdoor experiences, plant identification and care, and backcountry cooking, this elective will provide students with a unique opportunity to engage with their natural environment. Utilizing the community garden, indoor aeroponic tower garden, local natural areas, and other community resources, this elective will connect students to the plants and places in our province. Students will have a chance to forage and hike in Bragg Creek, learn from professional foragers, prepare their own foods and medicinal concoctions, and more.

Grade8/9 3D Printing Studio SVeteikis HRattai None 8, 9

Are you in your final years at Connect and STILL haven’t taken 3D Printing? This is your opportunity! Students in this elective will be working on projects that will last beyond your time at Connect–hallway signs, charging stands, toys or puzzles for the learning commons, and other projects as assigned. You will also have an opportunity to create and print your own designs, as time allows.

Intro to Psychology and Mental Health JMckenzie 7, 8, 9

In this elective, students will learn basic principles of human psychology. As well, students will increase their mental health literacy through research, guided discussions, and conversations with experts. Students will also gain skills to help with personal self-care, stress management, and how to maintain good mental health.

Me to We HFawcett None 4, 5, 6, 7

Are you interested in making a difference in the lives of others? Are you excited about participating in fulfilling activities that enhance and strengthen your leadership potential? If you enjoy participating in bake sales, organizing spirit days and working with non profit organizations such as Animal Rescue Society, The Calgary Food Bank, Inn From the Cold, etc. then this is the elective for you! There are opportunities for field trips and volunteering both in our school and in the larger community. We will be using your ideas and your actions to ensure that “It’s never just an ordinary day”. Let’s make a difference at our school!

Painting LEmin 8, 9

Student will gain a more indepth understanding of colour mixing and develop brush skills, as they explore acrylic painting.

Robotics DBennett 4, 5

In this day and age, it takes a great team to build a great robot. In this elective we will be working with Lego Mindstorms to create robots that can interact with their environment and carry out tasks. These robots have sensors that allow them to change their movement based on what they see and hear. If you are interested in hands-on construction, and being part of a team that problem solves and overcome hurdles, then this elective is the place for you.

Robotics: Leadership DBennett 8, 9

This is the leadership option for robotics.

Tech Theatre: Leadership HMelville ABolen 8, 9

This is the leadership option for Tech Theatre. Please connect with Mr. Bolen or Mrs. Melville before selecting this elective.

The Art of Digital Animation RFawcett None 4, 5, 6

You only have to spend a few minutes on YouTube to see that massive amounts of powerful and entertaining animations are being created by people of all ages. Tools that were previously available only to industry professionals now come as easy-to-use apps such as iMotion. By learning and using this app, students will create a variety of digital “shorts” using props they bring from home. Students will be challenged to create as many projects as they can that showcase their creative visual communication skills as well as their technological execution skills.

Theatre/Film Tech (Grades 6 & 7) HMelville ABolen None 6, 7

In this elective, grade 6 & 7’s will focus on technical theatre, acting skills, and creating a film. Within tech theatre the students will learn how to properly use the school sound and lighting equipment with creative, technical and engaging actvities. In the film aspects of this elective, you will develop a story, create a storyboard, explore various camera shots, angles and microphone recording technique, act on camera, and finally produce a final product with audio and video tracks. If you are looking to be creative, having fun and using technology within the drama and technical theatre class, this elective is perfect for you!

Tinker, Tear-down, and Create: Technology DCloutier 8, 9

You can “geek out” about and around tech in this course. We’ll be working with computer circuits, radio communications, networking, hardware research, and system design. There is space to learn new skills in these areas, and pursue personal projects and areas of interest. We’ll also spend time exploring ethical hacking and using some of these skills for community service. No prerequisites required, but students who are interested in some higher level tinkering will benefit the most from our elective. Open to 8s and 9s, or those in Grade 7 with prior approval.

Urban Expedition (Grades 4 – 5) JCadman EFerguson None 4, 5

Students in the is elective will learn and practice the many skills involved in multi-day backpacking trip. These skills will include; basic navigation, layering, efficient packing, hiking with a backpack, meal planning, food packaging, cooking with a camping stove, fire starting, cooing over a fire, tent set-up and site selection, team building, team communication and problem solving. However, this elective will be urban based, meaning the elective will take place within the city of Calgary. Our preferred method of travel will be by foot, but when needed we will board public transit to gain access to separated natural areas within the city. Thus, students will learn and use skills related to travel within the city. This elective will have some half-day and full day excursions and may culminate in a two-day, one night, backpacking trip that will utilize natural areas and camps within Calgary. As a group, students will use the skills learned and practiced in class, as well as their local knowledge, to chart a path to adventure through our urban landscape. This elective is supported by select Grade 8/9 leadership students.

Words within Words LCheng None 8, 9

Have you ever wondered if their was a hidden language in the words you hear everyday? Did language every mystify or spark curiousity as to why words are what they are? Have you ever wanted to know how to understand the big scientific words by deriving (not memorizing) their definition? If yes, then this elective is for you! In this elective you will learn the roots of the common and un-common words you hear in both science class and every-day life. Most stem from Greek, Latin, and Germanic Roots. You will also learn how to apply these hidden patterns of the words around us. Word etymology will also be covered (but not focused on) during this elective.