COVID-19 Daily Screening for Visitors

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Screening Form

The health and safety of our community, and our ability to remain open, depends on the the transparency of our community – our students, parents, teachers, and visitors. It is mandatory that this screening questionnaire is completed daily prior to entering Connect.

COVID-19 Screening – All
Screen Type
Please select the planned attendance for today. Please note that your responses according to Alberta Health Services guidelines will determine eligibility to attend.
If this date looks incorrect, please re-load the form or change it. You should only create entries for up to 14 days in advance if your child is not attending school. Entries created for after today will notify the office.
Your student number is your unique, 4 digit student ID, provided by Connect. If you are unsure of this number, you may leave it blank one-time. If this is the case, please contact our office to confirm the number for next time.

Absence Question

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Symptoms Screen – Child

Please select the box that applies after completing the screen with your child. *

Symptoms Screen – Adult/18+

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Not Attending Disclaimer

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