Connect Charter Family Weekly Update

September 6 - September 9

This Week's Highlights

Practicing setting up tents in our Place Based Citizenship program.

Elective programming is beginning next week. In the month of September, electives may be canceled as a result of teachers being away at camps. Scheduling improvements have been made to reduce cancelations of elective classes as much as possible. All families who properly filled in the form were placed in one of their elective choices. There are more opportunities in the second and third terms to access other electives. No elective class changes will be considered at this time.

New Curriculum and Draft Curriculum Implementation As you are aware, there is a requirement to implement the new grade 1-6 physical education and wellness curriculum. To support a gradual transition to the new curriculum, grade 4-6 teachers will be piloting the draft English Language Arts curriculum. The new curriculum aligns with some of the adjustments we’ve made to our reading program in recent years. We will continue to provide other updates as the school year unfolds.

Effective September 1, 2022, the Government of Alberta changed two regulations related to the operation of school buses.

The amended Use of Highway and Rules of the Road Regulation will allow school buses to drive at the posted speed limit on Alberta highways, instead of at 90 km/h. Alberta was the only Canadian jurisdiction that still limited the maximum speed limit for school buses. Permitting school buses to travel at posted highway speeds will increase road safety by reducing the likelihood of drivers taking unnecessary risks to pass slower‑moving school buses. This speed limit change was recommended in a report released by the Student Transportation Task Force.

The amended Operator Licensing and Vehicle Control Regulation removes the requirement for completion of the S-endorsement program when operating school buses with up to two non-student passengers. This will allow mechanics and drivers without an S-endorsement to test drive and transfer school buses without the additional S-endorsement training.

Thank you to the grade 8 parents for successful meeting our volunteer ratios.  Connect Charter has low ratios for supervision to support a safe experience for students and attend to additional camp duties.  Expressing your interest to volunteer early supports our planning. Please connect with your child’s homeroom teacher. 

Connect Charter School is governed by an elected Board of Directors. We have 15 directors, a third of whom are parents and two-thirds of whom are community members. Monthly meetings are open to parents and the public. Meetings take place in the learning commons at the school and begin at 5:30pm. While the duration of meetings varies, we often finish between 8:30pm and 9:00pm.
Fall meeting dates include: September 13, October 13, November 22 (Annual General Meeting) and December 13. 
Furthermore, I encourage all parents to review our 2022-2025 Rolling Education Plan posted on our website here.

Have a wonderful week, Connect!


Shannon Bennett

Andrea Friesen
Assistant Principal

Shashi Shergill
Assistant Principal