Connect Charter Family Weekly Update

June 29, 2022 (Last Week of Classes)

This Week's Highlights

Grade 7s enjoy a celebratory lunch at North Glenmore Park. 

We say goodbye to our “tent village” as spring camps come to an end.  Thank you, volunteers!

2022-2023 School Year Sneak Peek

Please sign into PowerSchool and save or print your report cards by July 3rd. We cannot guarantee access after this date for students who have left, and will not be able to send out PDF copies until late August.

It is a true pleasure to write a closing message to our Connect Charter School community as the 2021-2022 school year wraps up.

Our successful year is a result of our committed families; thank you to our many parents and volunteers who enhance the experience at Connect Charter School for our 624 students. I send a heartfelt congratulations to our grade nine graduating class, and offer an invitation to them to return to our school in the future. You have been a positive force in our school community for the last six years and I wish you the very best.

We look forward to seeing our returning students in August and trust that they will be heading into a summer with fond memories from their school experience this year. Today we recognized and thanked our bus drivers before their final departure from our campus this year; we are deeply appreciative of their commitment to our school. I would like to recognize our staff, including teachers, education assistants, front office staff and our facilities staff for all of their efforts in creating an engaging, safe and inspiring place for students to grow and learn. Those who work in service of the school including, our school council and parent society executives and our board of directors have all been instrumental in leveraging our program to meet our charter goals. Finally, my deepest gratitude to Dr. Phil Butterfield for the legacy he leaves behind.

I wish everyone in our school community a safe and fulfilling summer.

Shannon Bennett

As the final day of the 2021-2022 school year is upon us, I want to thank our parents for their support of our school community. With an evolving, ever-changing educational landscape in our province, there are many choices parents can make for their child’s education. I am hopeful that your child’s experience at Connect has been enriching, motivating, exciting and has met your expectations. If your child is returning next year, planning has already begun to make it the best school year ever! If your child is moving to another school, I am hopeful they will have a positive experience.

Thank you very much to everyone that was able to volunteer on day trips or at our Field Experience Center this year. We look forward to expanding the volunteering opportunities next year (or maybe I should say bring back?) to other trips and experiences that will inspire learning opportunities for our students.

I wish you and your family a happy, relaxing summer and look forward to welcoming everyone back.

Chris Gilmour

  • September 6-8 Grade 8 Camp Full
  • September 12-14 Grade 6 Camp Full
  • September 14-16 Grade 5 Camp Full
  • September 19-21 Grade 9 Camp Full
  • September 21-22 Grade 4 Camp Full
  • September 26-28 Grade 7 Camp Full

Our first full year of implementing the team approach (teacher, student, parents) to IPPs we have seen huge success! The “student support block” has been used in a variety of ways to assist students and share feedback with families without taking away instructional time. Many students know exactly what their goals are and have the support of both teachers and families to help guide them. The more our students recognise the IPP as a support tool, the more success we have seen. Thank you for being so open with both students and families to guide this process throughout the year. Most of our students met the majority of their goals! Kudos to our teachers and EAs for helping make this happen!

Our new assessment methods have provided a more thorough and evidence based approach to scoring the ELL benchmarks this year. Scores reflected strong listening and speaking skills in most ELL students. A huge kudos to our EA team for assisting in making this piece manageable for all. Lexia has also helped to increase the benchmarks for these students when used consistently.

Thank you for your care and attention to supporting wellness this year! Each grade received supplementary wellness instruction, with Thrive in grade 4-6, workshops in grade 7/9, community helpers in grade 8, and leadership opportunities in grade 9. Your role in creating safe and welcoming classroom environments enhances our community everyday!

Learning summaries from the IPPs are just a small reflection of your commitment to our students’ success, and the care you have for each of them as individuals. Your participation in PD this year also helped to enhance inclusive approaches for our diverse learners. We thank you for the opportunity to work alongside you in an effort to provide optimal learning for all students!


Have a wonderful summer,

Carla & Brittney

Have a wonderful summer break, Connect.


Shannon Bennett
Connect Charter School