May 20, 2022 Parent Update

Good afternoon Connect parents;

Thank you to all of you who were able to attend the Connect Our Community open house at the school today. It was wonderful to see so many familiar…and many new…faces and to reconnect parents and teachers through this fun and social gathering. The photo above depicts the ‘light art’ projects that Ms. Emin’s art students have created. Our thanks to all staff and students who contributed to making this event a success. 

We will certainly have other opportunities for parents to engage with the school, beginning with a critically important work bee on Saturday May 28th to set up our spring camp at the FEC. As of this morning we only have one family who has registered for the work bee. This is a fun and informative opportunity for parents to gain a solid understanding of what the camp experience will be like for your child. Activities such as the spring camps simply cannot happen without parent volunteers. Please email [email protected] if you are able to join us at the FEC on the 28th from 10am to 3pm or for any portion of that day that you can spare. Wheelbarrows, shovels, rakes, and pruning shears can be assets, although we also have tools available. No skills or experience are necessary and there is a growing list of important tasks that need to be completed before students begin arriving on June 1st.

Spring Camp Webinar – Wednesday May 25th @ 6:30pm

Please refer to last week’s update for an overview of spring camp details. More information will be forthcoming from your child’s homeroom teacher on specific activities. If you are able to volunteer on the trip and have a current security clearance check on file, contact the homeroom teacher by email.

A Spring Camp Parent Information Webinar will be held on Wednesday May 25th at 6:30pm. The webinar Zoom link will be sent out on Tuesday May 24th. For those who are unable to join the webinar, it will be recorded and will be available on the website by May 26th.

Lockdown Drill

As a continuation of our focus on student and staff safety, we are conducting a lockdown drill on  May 25th at 10am. As this is our first lockdown drill since before the pandemic, we are announcing it in advance so teachers have adequate time to review procedures with students. CPS will be in attendance to monitor the drill and provide feedback. If you have any concerns regarding your child’s potential response to a lockdown drill, contact their homeroom teacher for a further discussion.

Attendance and Tardiness

We are seeing an increase in the number and frequency of students being late for school. As a reminder, the first bell sounds at 8:37am and students are expected to be in their homeroom classes by that time in preparation for the national anthem or land acknowledgement. Students who arrive at 8:40 or beyond are late and often create disruptions as they enter classes that are already in progress. We understand that tardiness due to late buses is beyond anyone’s control, however many students arriving after the bell are either being dropped off or walk to school. We appreciate your support in ensuring that children are arriving on time and prepared for an active school day.

Tick Talk

Whenever we take students outdoors, particularly in areas of tall grass or heavy foliage, we have a ‘tick talk’ before setting off. Ticks are a normal part of the ecosystem and we need to be aware of them in order to avoid any potentially unpleasant side effects of a tick bite. This link provides an excellent overview of ticks that frequent Alberta and precautions we can take before, during, and after an outdoor activity.

Giving your old iPhone a New Life!

We are seeking your support in finding old iPhones (iPhone 6 and up) a new home as part of several projects at Connect related to the Field Experience Center.  iPhones (we ask you please wipe them or remove the activation locks, and we can wipe them) can be dropped off to the Creative Tech Room (science lab) or Phys Ed office. Among other projects, we will be using the GPS and navigation features for a new version of the Animal Game. The iPhones add several field features like GPS to the capabilities of devices in the field. Questions can be directed to Mr. Cheng, Mr. Cadman, or Mr. Cloutier.

Public Health Nursing in Schools

Following is a letter received from Alberta Health Services regarding plans to deliver immunizations to schools during the 2022-23 school year:

AHS Public Health is working to resume full immunization services as the Alberta COVID-19  Relaunch Strategy progresses. We value the partnership between school jurisdictions and  Alberta Health Services and would like to share our plans for support to schools through Public  Health Nursing staff for the 2022-23 School year. 

  • Health promotion priorities will focus on immunizations, pain and fear management  around immunizations, vaccine hesitancy and health navigation support. We will build on work done in the pain and anxiety research study (CARD) in 2018-19. This research  study was halted when the pandemic began. Many key learnings came forward including  the need to prepare students with a plan, providing privacy, choice, time, and the need  for positive language from both nursing and education staff in relation to immunization. 
  • Recent COVID-19 immunizations have resulted in families reevaluating their decisions  related to vaccines, and vaccine safety. We would like to work with school communities  to support families as they assess how they would like to proceed, while building  capacity in students to be involved in their plan of care. 
  • Nurses will be connecting with school principals to collaborate on developing a plan for  the delivery of school immunizations for the 2022/23 school year. 
  • Immunizations in the target grades of 6 and 9 have been brought up to date over the past year and will be offered as a routine yearly program. 
  • Children who are home schooled and online learners will continue to be offered immunization opportunities in the next year. 
  • There are many students who have not had their immunization records reviewed in the past 3 years and this review will be completed during the 2022-23 school year. Immunizations for students who require vaccines will be offered throughout the school year to decrease the risk of vaccine preventable diseases. 
  • High Schools will have a nurse assigned with a focus on answering questions or  concerns related to outbreaks. 
  • Working in partnership with school staff, nurses will help staff navigate resources on the  Healthier Together website.

Thank you for continuing to work with us to protect the health of all Albertans. 

Joanne Coldham RN MEd CCHN (c) 

Director Immunization and Rapid Response  

Public Health – Calgary Zone, Alberta Health Services 

[email protected] 

Nicholas Etches MD FRCPC 

Acting Zone Lead Medical Officer of Health – Calgary Zone  

Alberta Health Services

Provincial Achievement Tests (PATs)

Grade 6 and 9 students will begin writing PATs on Monday May 16th. Below is a schedule for the PATs:

Monday June 13 Grade 6 Science

Tuesday June 14 Grade 6 ELA Part B

Wednesday June 15 Grade 6 Social Studies

Thursday June 16  Grade 6 Math Part A and B

Monday June 20 Grade 9 ELA Part B

Wednesday June 22 Grade 9 Math

Thursday June 23 Grade 9 Science

Friday June 24 Grade 9 Social Studies

Lost and Found

Please check the lost and found link below for items that may have become separated from your child.

Important dates

Check the school calendar at and weekly updates from your child’s teachers for dates of class field experiences and other school activities and events.

May 20  Professional Development / Non-Instructional Day

May 23  Victoria Day – School closed

May 25  6:30-7:30pm Spring camp parent webinar (via zoom)

May 28 10am-3pm FEC Camp work bee

June 1-24 Spring camps at the FEC 

June 2-3 Grade 9’s to Camp River’s Edge

June 7 5:30pm School Council meeting (in person & zoom)

June 7 6:30pm New Parent Orientation (in person)

Have a wonderful long weekend, everyone.

Phil Butterfield