November 5 – Parent Update

Good afternoon Connect parents;

This week our grade 5 and 6 students were able to enjoy the unseasonably mild fall weather to take their learning to the Field Experience Centre. Grade 6 students adopted a scientific approach to inquiry to determine the relative age of the forest. The grade 5’s are reinforcing their knowledge of map grids and way points for reference when navigating with a map. Observing how students are connecting with the space at the FEC and how they are starting to forge a relationship with certain favourite spots provides reaffirmation of the value of learning on and from the land. 

We have some busy weeks ahead, leading up to winter break.  Please check the teacher updates as well as this weekly overview to ensure you have all the current information on upcoming events and class activities.

Student Initiated Clubs

There is no doubt that students are starved for the interactions and activities they enjoyed prior to the pandemic. Student initiated clubs, sponsored by teachers, were always popular and were a great way for students to take ownership and responsibility for planning activities of interest during lunch recess. The need for cohorts brought on by the pandemic has restricted our ability to launch clubs the way we used to, but thanks to several industrious grade 4 students and their supportive teachers there are a number of clubs getting underway within cohort groups. Sponsor teachers are also their homeroom teachers and schedule clubs during lunch recess so any students within the cohort who wish to participate may choose to do so. Among the clubs started so far are: Mythology, Dance, War History, and Author Enthusiasts (creative writing).  It is wonderful to see our students and teachers finding ways to fill this void brought about by COVID-19. 

School Council and Parent Society News

Parent Society and School Council Meetings – November 16, 2021

The next regular meetings of Parent Society and School Council will take place on Tuesday November 16th, with the parent Society meeting beginning at 6:30pm and School Council at 7pm. Both meetings will be virtual and a zoom link will be sent to all parents on the afternoon of Nov. 16th.

Connect Charter Casino November 21 & 22 – BACKUP VOLUNTEERS NEEDED

A big thank you to all the parents who have signed up for the upcoming casino of the Connect Charter Parent Society on November 21 & 22, 2021 at the Elbow River Casino. We have filled almost all the positions but still require some backup volunteers as follows:

Backup Volunteers (3 openings): Sunday evening 7:15 PM – 4:00 AM (2 openings)
       Monday evening 7:15 PM – 4:00 AM (1 opening)

Please sign up on Better Impact / ( if you can volunteer for one of the above positions. We appreciate your time to help with the single biggest fundraiser for the school. Your support is greatly appreciated and we couldn’t do it without you. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Sandra Steinbach-Kane of the Parent Society at [email protected].

Fun Lunch Update

​​The Fun Lunch program is off to a great start and we look forward to providing Fun Lunches for Term 2, which will run from December 1st – March 16.

December 1 Edo 

December 8 Subway 

December 10 Kernels popcorn  

December 15 Via cibo  

January 5 Mucho burrito

January 7 The saucy bread co  

January 12 Via cibo  

January 14 Booster juice & cobs   

January 19 Edo  

January 26 Subway  

January 28 Stampede kettle corn  

February 2 Opa 

February 9 Via cibo  

February 11 The saucy bread co & booster juice  

February 16 Mucho burrito 

February 23 Subway  

February 25 Cobs  

March 2 Coco brooks  

March 9 Subway 

March 11 Kernels  

March 16 Edo  

Thank you to all the parents who have already been placing orders for Fun Lunch, every single order you place is a contribution to our school’s fundraising goals.  Fun lunch raises approximately $28 000 per school year! Thank you for supporting this fundraiser. 

Attached is a letter (  )  that will answer all your questions regarding Fun Lunch. Read through our FAQ’s to find out:

  • How and when to order
  • What to do if your child is away on a Fun Lunch day
  • How to change or cancel an order

If you have my questions feel free to email us at [email protected]

Parent Resources 

Screenagers is a resource that we have used in the past at Connect. The latest blog post shares a list of interesting books and podcasts on parenting. 

School Calendar

We have received a couple of inquiries regarding the school calendar, and it may help to understand the complex process involved in developing our calendar each year. The calendar is developed two years in advance and is approved in two phases by the Board of Directors, first as a ‘tentative’ calendar, and subsequently as an ‘approved’ calendar in the year preceding implementation. Prior to being presented to the Board, draft versions of the calendar are shared with the School Council Executive and school staff for feedback. Scheduling PD days, Parent-Teacher Conferences, Student-led Conferences, and school breaks take into consideration the proposed calendars of the Calgary Board of Education and Calgary Separate School Division. Whenever possible we try to align our non-instructional days with the other jurisdictions as we understand how complicated it can be to juggle multiple children in different schools. Finding that synchronization is not always possible or desirable; a case in point being the adjustment this year to have the October parent-teacher conferences on a Tuesday evening and Wednesday, rather than the Thursday and Friday leading up to fall break. The reasoning is that we were experiencing declining attendance at conferences on Thursday and Friday and hoped to increase that attendance rate by moving them to mid-week. The change in timing, together with the option of meeting virtually, led to a 100% attendance rate in many pods. In other instances we have had to make decisions to ensure we are in compliance with Alberta Education guidelines for days and hours of instruction. Other dates that do not match the CBE calendar may occur due to the fact that we have more PD days – a commitment our Board has made to promote exemplary teaching and learning at Connect. So…although we strive to ease the challenge of having children in different school jurisdictions, it is not always possible and we appreciate your understanding of how we try to maneuver through these complexities. The current approved calendar, tentative 2022-23 calendar, and the daily google calendar of activities may be viewed at

Important Dates

November 10 Remembrance Day Assembly (virtual)

November 11 Remembrance Day (school closed)

November 12 Organizational Day / Non-instructional day

November 16 Parent Society and School Council Meetings

November 22  PD Day/Non-instructional day

November 29  Term 1 report cards available on PowerSchool

December 2   Student-led conferences (4:30-8pm)

December 3  Student-led conferences (8am-1pm)

Enjoy an outstanding weekend,

Phil Butterfield