September 24, 2021 Parent Update

Good afternoon Connect parents;

Connect classes have now concluded the fall day camps at the Field Experience Centre…and what a huge success those adventures have been. Although the trips were our first opportunity to have students on the new outdoor site, it was amazing to see how kids, teachers, and parent volunteers bonded with the land and were able to start developing a deep appreciation for the natural beauty of the camp and the surrounding area. Hikes to the lookout (shown above) provided a perspective on the geography of the area and a glimpse 11,000 years into the past when glaciers scoured and moulded  the landscape into what it is today. We are already planning future day trips, including a series of winter day camps in the new year and what we hope will be 3-day, 2-night trips for each grade in June. 

A huge thank you to all the parent volunteers who accompanied the fall trips and took advantage of the opportunity to start becoming familiar with the property. Future trips will become more ‘task oriented’ as we start to use more of the facilities such as the dining hall and Raven’s perch. 

FEC Task List

Due to a number of circumstances we will not be organizing a work bee at the camp in October. There are, however, several specific tasks that need to be completed before winter and we are hopeful that by providing the list below we may find some volunteers who have the skills and tools to tackle these jobs. If you are able to assist and can make your way to camp on a weekday, please contact Rob Pegg at [email protected] to make arrangements. 

  1. Taping and mudding: we have a mop closet and a mechanical room that need to be “sealed” for fire reasons.  This means mudding and taping these two rooms.  The work can be “rough” as both areas are “back of house” – so deep sanding is not needed. Ideally parent(s) would bring own materials and tools and we could reimburse materials.  
  2. Ceiling insulate and roughly covered: we have a small room in the wash house that needs to have insulation added to underside of unfinished roof and then sealed in.  We have two water tanks that we want to prevent from freezing and insulation will help hold in heat for new room heater being added. Ideally parent(s) would bring own materials and tools and we could reimburse materials.  
  3. Adding rough doors (plywood) and securing ladder access:  We have a building that has two loft rooms that can be accessed by permanent ladders.  We need to have openings to these rooms closed off with hasp locks (so we can still store items in them) and then “secure” the ladders to allow us to use when needed but to prevent students from climbing when not needed. Ideally parent(s) would bring own materials and tools and we could reimburse materials.  
  4. Main dining hall girls washroom baseboards – this room was flooded when some pipes froze.  The MDF baseboards have warped and need replacing.  Ideally parent(s) would bring own materials and tools and we could reimburse materials.  
  5. Wood gathering – we have bucked up a number of trees around the site.  We would like to have bucked up wood picked up from the areas where trees were felled and moved to our wood shed near the maintenance area.  Ideally volunteer(s) would have a pick up truck they could use for this work.
  6. Plumbing – we have a few propane heaters in buildings.  The heaters need servicing and basic (no electric required) thermostat replacement or repair in some cases. Ideally volunteer(s) would have a pickup truck they could use for this work.

COVID-19 Update – Revised Daily Screening Tool from AHS

The following is an excerpt of a media release explaining the details of an announcement that the AHS Daily Screening Tool has been revised. Our Connect screening tool has been adjusted to reflect this change. Please view the new AHS screener for adults and those under 18 years at 

On September 23rd, Dr. Hinshaw communicated that she has added a new recommendation for any unvaccinated or partially vaccinated individuals when there is a positive COVID case in their household. The new recommendation is that any unvaccinated or partially vaccinated individuals (including children under 12) should stay home for 14 days when a person who lives in the same house as them tests positive for COVID. This request to stay home for 14 days is only a strong recommendation not a mandate. She acknowledged that this may be an issue for school aged children under 12 as they are not able to get vaccinated. This means that anyone who is not protected with 2 doses of vaccine after a household positive case should quarantine for 14 days. Dr. Hinshaw indicated that this recommendation only applies for household contacts and not school based (e.g. classmates) or workplace exposures/close contacts.

Orange Shirt Day

Please note that there will be no school on September 30th to recognize National Truth and Reconciliation Day.  We have adjusted our calendar to have an instructional day on June 6th. Connect Charter School will recognize Orange Shirt Day on September 29th and ask that students wear orange that day.  This upcoming week will provide students with opportunities to deepen their understanding related to our relationships with our Indigenous neighbours and the principles of Truth and Reconciliation.  

Cross Country Running Final

Our cross country running team put in another excellent showing at the races in Airdrie on Wednesday. The final meet of the season will take place at Westmount Charter High School on Wednesday September 29th (2215 Uxbridge Dr. NW.) beginning at 3:30pm. Students do not require early dismissal but will need to be picked up promptly (especially grade 4’s and 5’s)  at 3:10 to get there on time.

Culture of Mutual Respect 

We recognize and celebrate that the vast majority of our students uphold a culture of mutual respect when they demonstrate caring and respect for each other, themselves, and this place…our school.  Recently, we have had several incidents of vandalism and mischief in the washrooms (broken soap dispensers and hand sanitizers) and to school fixtures outside that have resulted in considerable damage.  Some of this activity may be attributed to, but not excused by, a TikTok challenge that encourages students to damage school washrooms and/or steal something from the school, photograph it, and upload the photo to Tik Tok. Not only are these incidents a clear demonstration of disregard for school property, they are costly in terms of replacing the broken dispensers and in the human resources of our custodial staff who must clean up the mess and repair or replace damaged items. Compounding the problem is a reluctance on the part of many students to come forward and share information regarding who may be responsible for these actions. We would appreciate parents finding an opportunity to speak with your child about the potential social pressures to engage in such acts of vandalism and to reinforce the importance of finding ways to relay information about who may be responsible to teachers or administration. 

Stress in Children and Teenagers – Parent Resources

Emotional wellness in our students continues to be an important focus for the school. The stress in society and households can have an impact on our students.  This resource may provide some helpful tips for parents to help identify stress in their children and how to help with stress management:

IPP Meetings

A specific email was sent to families with students who have an Individualized Program Plan to sign up for IPP meetings.  Please contact your child’s teacher if you have a child with an IPP and did not receive this email.  Thank you to parents who signed up for IPP meetings already. There are still a few spaces next Friday afternoon if you have not yet signed up for a meeting.  

Terry Fox Run

Our Terry Fox Run will take place on Monday October 4th. The schedule for each of 3 runs through the day is below. Parents with current security clearance who are able to assist with any of the three events can drop me a note at [email protected]

Connect has always demonstrated solid support for the Terry Fox Foundation and the legacy of cancer research that has helped to advance treatments for several forms of childhood cancer. Please offer your support to this worthy cause through a donation at  

School Council News

Save the Date! Our Meat Fundraiser is Here

Fill your freezers for the fall with meat from Bow River Meats, and Spolumbo’s! Proceeds raised will be used to support our school and students.

Come JOIN our fundraiser in 3 easy steps:

Check out our fundraiser here:

  1.     Click “JOIN OUR FUNDRAISER”
  2.     Shop online on your own personal page until Monday, October 11th at 11:00 pm

 Sharing is Caring!

After you Join the Fundraiser: You can easily share your personal link to supporters via text, email, social media, and Facebook groups, or download your own personal order form to collect additional orders.

 You can pick up your order(s): Wednesday, October 20th at 3:15 pm

* More details on the webpage and to follow.

Thanks again for your support. Every order counts!

Fun Lunch…

…is back & we’re looking forward to a great year of lunches & snacks!

The Fun Lunch program will be commencing for the school year beginning October 20, 2021 for Term 1, pending any further health restrictions that may be in effect at that time.  We would like to thank you for your patience and we look forward to once again continuing this important School Council fundraising project.  Fun Lunch raises approximately $28 000 per school year and proceeds from this program go directly to supporting the purchase of priority items for the students, staff & school. 

A backpack letter should have come home with your student last week with details about the Term 1 fun lunches and snacks.  Once again, the HotLunches.netwebsite will be used to place and manage orders.   Everyone will need to create a new account for the 2021/2022 school year for your student(s).  The instructions to create an account are available on the back side of the backpack letter, which is also attached here. If you require any assistance please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Fun Lunch is completely run by parent volunteers and if you would like to get involved please email us at [email protected].

Thank you,

Traci, Kristen, Tammy & Charmaine

Fun Lunch Coordinators

Lost and Found

Warm fall weather is often accompanied by cool mornings. As a result we are collecting a wide assortment of clothing items from the playground. Please have a ook at

for clothing that may be missing from your child’s closet. Instructions for collecting found items are included in the slide deck.

Important Upcoming Dates

Sept. 30 NationalDay of Truth and Reconciliation School closed

Oct. 1 PD Day/IPP Meetings in afternoon Non-instructional day

Oct. 5 4:10-8pm Parent-Teacher Conferences

Oct. 6 8am-1pm Parent-Teacher Conferences Non-instructional day

Oct. 8 Last day of classes

Oct. 11-15 Fall break

Oct. 18 Classes resume

Have a wonderful weekend,

Phil Butterfield