May 24 Update

Good afternoon Connect parents;

We are looking forward to having students return to in person learning tomorrow and finishing this tumultuous school year together. As we return to regular classes, we will all benefit from a reminder from AHS of the need for adherence to the COVID-19 protocols we have been following all year:

  • Daily screening is still required for all students and staff, as well as anyone entering the building. The screen allows for a daily reflection on personal wellness as it may relate to COVID symptoms;
  • Masks must be worn at all times inside the building and outside when physical distancing cannot be maintained;
  • Hand hygiene remains extremely important and will be continually reinforced;
  • Physical distancing of 2 metres or more is still required when outside of a student cohort;
  • For students who ride the school bus, maintain the seating plan and keep masks non at all times; 
  • Remain home and access a COVID-19 test if symptoms develop
  • Vaccines are strongly encouraged for all those 12 years and up. The more people are vaccinated, the sooner the pandemic will be behind us. Being vaccinated, however, does not provide exclusion from any of the COVID protocols mentioned above;
  • If AHS provides updated guidelines we will adjust our expectations accordingly.

Your support and assistance in reminding your child of these procedures is greatly appreciated. Teachers will also be taking the morning health class tomorrow to provide further reinforcement.

Some families may determine that the risks associated with the spread of COVID-19 are still too high and will opt to keep a child home rather than return to in person learning. We respect a parent’s right to this choice, however we are entering an exceptionally busy time for teachers as they conduct year end assessment, prepare report cards, and begin planning for next year. As a result it may not be possible to have the synchronous teacher or EA to student contact that would be desirable. Students learning from home will be able to access resources and assignments through SeeSaw and parents should contact their child’s teachers and the office to advise of your decision.  Parents who may decide not to have a child ride the school bus for the remainder of the year are asked to contact the office ([email protected]) to inform Lori whether the child may be travelling one way, periodically, or not at all for the balance of the year.

On a more upbeat note, we have consulted with AHS regarding off campus trips, and while we cannot use school buses to transport students, we can conduct off site learning experiences as long as cohorts and protocols are maintained. We have therefore decided to move forward with a modified Camp Riveredge program beginning May 31st, and to confirm that scheduled kayaking classes will take place. Following is a detailed overview and schedule.

Camp Riveredge and Kayaking


The schedule below includes one day per pod for activities at Camp Riveredge and one half day per class for kayaking at the Calgary Canoe Club in North Glenmore Park. There are a couple of days allocated for rain delays, however we will need to stick to this schedule as closely as possible. Grade 6 to 9 students will cycle from the school to Camp Riveredge and back, while grade 4 and 5 students will need to be dropped off and picked up at Camp Riveredge. Early drop off and late pick up arrangements have been accommodated by the phys ed and complementary teachers who will be facilitating the day camps. 

Parent volunteers with current security clearance will be required for the Camp
Riveredge off site learning experiences. Ideally there will be 4-5 parents volunteering for each class (8-10 per pod). Volunteers must complete a screening on the day of the trip and masks will be required during close proximity on site. If you are able to volunteer with your child’s class, please notify the homeroom teacher.

Some parent volunteers may be required to walk with classes to the Calgary Canoe Club for kayaking, however those needs will be determined this week and a further email will be sent out to ask for volunteers.

Additionally…we need a few hearty volunteers to help set up Camp Riveredge on Friday May 28th from 11am to 2pm. If you are able to help out, please let me know at [email protected]

1-Minute Parent Volunteering Opportunity

We are requesting support from our parent community to continue the momentum of registrations for the ConnectFLEX blended, online program noticed.  Please consider the below ways to help Connect Charter with this new program. 

  1. Retweet.

  1. Feature a poster in your business.

-Simply email the address ([email protected]) and let us know your child’s name and we will provide them with a poster to bring home via backpack mail. 

  1. Feature postcards in your business.

-Simply email the address ([email protected]) and let us know your child’s name and we will provide them with 25 postcards to bring home via backpack mail. 

  1. Share our ConnectFLEX link on social media. With the following write-up.

For anyone who is considering an online program for their junior high child next year, Connect Charter offers a publicly funded program that provides online programming with exciting in-person experiences.  Find out more:

The LD brain

Foothills Academy will be hosting a presentation from Dr. Anthony Henley, the highly regarded and engaging assessment psychologist from Washington, DC. His presentation will draw on 20 years of experience working with and assessing children with Learning Disabilities and ADHD. 

Learn more about:

  • The link between academic difficulties, underlying brain-based/cognitive deficits, and Learning Disabilities
  • How difficulties with language and memory are not the result of a lack of motivation
  • How the concept of “splinter skills” (areas of strength within an area of weakness) affect a learner
  • The link between ADHD, executive functioning, and poor academic performance.

If you have a child who has had a psycho-educational assessment done or a teacher who reads psycho-educational assessments for their students and you are wondering how this information translates to the real world, Dr. Henley will bring a greater understanding of this document 

Virtual Book Fair

Our Virtual Book Fair runs until Friday, May 28. Please send the link to both parents and students, so that everyone has an opportunity to shop. There is an extensive Grade 7-9 section as well.

Have a wonderful week everyone,

Phil Butterfield