April 18 Update

Although it may not look like it today, spring is finally here and we have enjoyed some warmer temperatures lately, allowing teachers to get their students outside more frequently. As a school that thrives on outdoor education as one of our foundations, being outside is second nature to us but due to the pandemic has been curtailed to a large degree. We certainly recognize the value of outdoor experiences for physical and mental wellbeing and we will be exploring possibilities for cohorts of students to walk to North Glenmore Park and the Weaselhead in groups of 10 with adequate supervision. In addition, we are planning for each class to have two days of outdoor learning at Camp Riveredge beginning on May 4th.  For scheduling purposes, there will be two rotations of classes at Riveredge as we did in the fall. Grade 6 to 9 students will cycle to the camp and grade 4 and 5 students will need to be dropped off and picked up on their designated camp days. We will provide an early drop off and late pick up option for those grade 4 and 5 parents who may find it difficult to get their child to camp at designated times.

This planning to get students outdoors is not to minimize the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the variants of concern that have dominated the third wave of the virus.  We continue to reinforce the critical importance of our COVID protocols in keeping students and staff healthy and avoiding transmission within the school. The recent decision by the Calgary Board of Education and Calgary Catholic School Division to move all grade 7 to 12 students online, and our subsequent decision to maintain in-person classes, generated a range of feedback from parents. There is no doubt that a wide spectrum of opinions exist on the topic of in-school versus online learning, and I respect the right of individuals to express those views. There has been nothing that is easy or straightforward in making our decisions related to COVID-19, and we always examine our actions through the lens of student and staff wellness, while recognizing the inalienable right of parents to make the final decision about sending a child to school at this time. To reiterate the email that was sent out to parents Wednesday evening, our decision to remain in-person is based on our current capacity to provide for the needs of our students at school. We are constantly monitoring the number of students and staff affected as positive cases and close contacts, as well as the number of substitute teachers available and will respond to changing circumstances as the needs dictate. For those who wish to exercise your right to have students stay home until COVID conditions improve, please notify [email protected].  Assignments and learning resources will be available on SeeSaw and parents are reminded that you can access the most information on SeeSaw by using your child’s account. 

School Council and Parent Society AGM info

The Annual General Meetings for both Parent Society and School Council will take place on Tuesday April 20th beginning at 6:30pm. The Zoom link for the meetings is connectcharter-ca.zoom.us/j/97204743362.

Previous School Council meeting minutes are available at drive.google.com/file/d/1Uk5ON4q28da2mqOkpNWYuMJorfh6WAJn/view and the agenda for the AGM and regular meeting on Tuesday may be viewed at docs.google.com/document/d/1ReeW5wenoAZjsu38_aGe1vaIwuy0y-girzxCG-gMK5k/edit  

Our leadership team greatly appreciates the time and energy that the Parent Society and School Council executive invests in furthering the vision of our school to prepare our students as extraordinary citizens and to promote parent engagement within our school community.

Fundraising Opportunity

School Council’s last fundraiser of the year is now underway. The TeamFund sale is offering products from Bow River Meats and Spolumbos Sausage. 

Check it out here: connectcharterschool.myteamfund.ca and click “JOIN OUR FUNDRAISER”. Orders will be accepted until Thursday, April 29th at 11:00 pm. 

If you have friends or family who may be interested in purchasing, you can easily share your personal link to these supporters once you are signed up. 

Order pickup will be Wednesday, May 12th.

Thanks again for your support of our school. Every order counts!

Curriculum Review

The leadership team is still reviewing documentation related to the proposed curriculum and we will provide a statement of our decision at the School Council meeting on Tuesday with respect to the request from Alberta Education to pilot the curriculum.

Parent Drop Off and Pick Up 

We would like to acknowledge the incredible response we have had from our  parent community to our requests to not use Lewis Drive or the alleyway adjacent to the school during drop off or pick up. Your efforts have made such a difference in the safety of our students. Thank you!

Spirit Wear Online Store

We are happy to say that our school store will be open once again, beginning Monday, April 19th and closing Friday, April 30th (it is currently NOT open in case you use the link and can’t get in).  Items will be delivered to the school on May 20th, happy long weekend gifts to go home with students 🙂

The store has had a few items removed due to slow sellers but there are still some great items to choose from.

This will be the LAST order before the end of the school year. The link to the store is:


Have a safe and healthy week everyone;

Phil Butterfield