March 19 Update

Good afternoon parents. I am pleased to announce that after our success with Keebo online learning this year, we are introducing a new program for 2021-22 called ConnectFlex. This program is a blended program of synchronous on-line and in-person learning for students in grade 7, 8, and 9.  An incredible response of positive feedback and interest related to the emergency pandemic programming, “KeeBo” led us to realize the potential of a blended program of online learning and our charter goals around inquiry-learning, technology and outdoor/place based learning.  

ConnectFLEX is a new initiative that we are opening up to our school community, families on the waitlist for our school, and the general public.

Please see the attached PDF and the ConnectFLEX website for detailed information about the program. Of note to families who have students currently enrolled at our school:

  • This program will not impact students or staff who are part of the current Connect program.  
  • ConnectFLEX is a new program that will run simultaneously but separately from in-person learning at Connect. 
  • Students currently registered in the Connect Charter School regular program who opt to switch to the ConnectFLEX program may not transfer back to the regular program but may be placed back on the waitlist if they choose. 
  • Through our experience at KeeBo, we have recognized that there is a need for a more flexible pathway to learning that responds to a range of learning needs.  
  • To operate this program, we require a certain number of registrations.  If you are aware of any families that would benefit from ConnectFLEX, please share the attached PDF


Please visit the ConnectFLEX website for further information, and direct any questions to [email protected]. We anticipate a good deal of interest in the ConnectFLEX program, and ask that current families share the website and PDF below on your social networks and with friends.

As always, we are committed to providing an innovative, engaging and reputable program at our Clem Gardner location. Our Charter Goals and exemplary frameworks continue to guide our work, helping to create extraordinary citizens who can thrive in an ever-changing world. 

Have a wonderful spring break and stay safe,

Phil Butterfield