January 24 Update

Good afternoon Connect parents;

It appears we are going to get a taste of ‘real winter’ for the next several days. With daytime high temperatures forecast to be below -10C, please make sure students are properly dressed for winter before dropping off at bus stops or at school. We have enjoyed a relatively mild winter thus far and it is easy to become complacent about the weather. If temperatures remain cold, phys ed classes and recess breaks may be moved indoors. 

We are entering a busy time for the school as we prepare to host two webinars this week for prospective parents who are considering Connect as a school of choice for their child entering grade 4 in August 2021. If you have a younger child on the waitlist you will be receiving a Zoom invitation from Laurie Kangas with the option to choose the webinar on Tuesday or Thursday evening. Our school tour for new parents and students will also look different this year as we will host a virtual tour on the evening of Wednesday February 3rd.

Drop Off/Pick up of students

Despite frequent reminders through the year, students are still being dropped off and picked up in places that pose an unnecessary risk to children. Among the repeatedly observed driving infractions are: U-turns, parking in crosswalks, speeding through our school zone, and blocking driveways. Our designated drop off/pick up zone is along the east side of 34th St. adjacent to the playground. Parking elsewhere often requires children to navigate between cars and school buses to get to a waiting vehicle. There have been several ‘near misses’ and disrespectful responses directed to staff members when drivers have been asked to move their vehicle.  As a way to reinforce the importance of adhering to our pick up and drop off zones, the Calgary Parking Authority has been contacted and will be providing enforcement in the coming days and weeks.

Lost and Found

Our lost and found is once again reaching capacity. Please have a look at the attached slides for a visual directory of items that we have not been able to reunite with the owner.


If you see an item belonging to your child, please contact the office and arrangements can be to get belongings back to you or your child. Anything unclaimed as of February 5th will be donated to the Goodwill.

School Council Report

School Council has a limited number of Connect logo’ed masks for sale, priced at $12 each. We are accepting payment via e-transfer. Please email [email protected] with:

  • the number of masks you’d like 
  • your child’s name and classroom number.

We will reply to your email with payment instructions. The mask(s) will be delivered to your child’s classroom once payment has been received. 

Daily Screening Tool

With the pandemic getting very close to the one year mark, many of our established prevention measures have become second nature (and rather tedious)  to adults and students alike. One of our most effective measures is the daily screening tool that we have asked parents to complete prior to a child boarding a school bus or entering the school building. We also recognize that older students, in many cases, may be able to self-administer the screening tool to provide a degree of independence and to take one thing off their parents ‘to do’ list each morning.

Effective on Monday Jan. 25th, grade 8 and 9 students may complete the screening tool and submit it online. Grade 4 to 7 students must have their screening submitted by a parent to verify accuracy. There is, however, an important caveat to having grade 8 and 9 students take on this responsibility: ultimately, parents are still accountable for the daily screening to be accurately completed and submitted. If a child arrives at school and has not completed the screening or it is incomplete, parents will be contacted. Similarly, if they are at school after submitting a clear screening but are presenting any symptoms, parents will be contacted to pick up the child immediately. The intent of this change is to relieve one element of the COVID routine for parents but we must still maintain our focus on the importance of this tool as a front line screening for the virus.

Finally, a reminder that Friday February 5th is a PD day/non-instructional day, and February 10-11 are non-instructional days as part of the 5-day Family Day weekend break.

Have a wonderful week everyone,

Phil Butterfield