November 29 Update

Good afternoon Connect parents;

We have a busy week ahead with report cards being available to you as of tomorrow and Student-led Conferences taking place via Zoom on Thursday evening and all day Friday. Our grade 7 to 9 students will be transitioning to online learning as of tomorrow and will remain on that platform until they return to in-school classes on January 11, 2021. Students in online learning do not have to complete the daily screening tool and Mr. Cloutier has adjusted the auto-response so parents should not receive a notification indicating a missed or incomplete screen. 

We will continue to provide information updates to grade 7 to 9 parents regarding online learning. In addition, as we prepare for grade 4 to 6 students to be online briefly following winter break, our staff will be preparing the teaching and learning schedules for their classes and the details will be shared with parents prior to the holidays. 


Report Cards 

The following guide to the new Connect report card contains valuable information that you may wish to reference as you review your child’s progress and achievement.

Report Cards will be available on PowerSchool after 4pm on Monday November 30th. This is a new feature and when you are signed in, you can click “Report Card” and then select “2020-2021” for this year’s current report card. 

Report cards will be available for a two-week window, so please access and print (or save to PDF) a copy of the report card for your records.

Your child(ren)’s report card looks different this year.  As mentioned in recent parent updates, Connect Charter School has been gathering feedback from parents, students and teachers to inform an updated report card.  Our report card committee also considered the current research, reviewed other jurisdiction’s report cards and consulted with experts from the Alberta Assessment Consortium to improve this document.  Below are some details that can help you to read and understand the report card. A great deal of attention and care is assigned to writing report cards; our teachers pull from a range of evidence to inform the comments and achievement level assigned.  Please note that the report card is one of many forms of feedback and reporting your child receives on their learning. Supportive conversations with your child(ren) are an important way to be involved in their learning, while reviewing the online learning management system (e.g. Seesaw) can help track ongoing progress.   

Citizenship Comment

An important aspect of Connect’s Charter is to prepare students to become extraordinary citizens.  The first comment in the report card will provide you with information about your child(ren) related to various attributes to be a successful student and community member.  

Academic Comments

Comments about academic achievement in each course will be provided.  This will give families a greater understanding of where a child excelled in relation to topics or skills explored in a given term and where there are areas for improvement.  These comments are most often directly related to grade level curricular outcomes.

Demographic and Attendance Information

Each report card will provide demographic information as well as information related to attendance.  This can be found at the top of each report card.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I find out more about my child(ren)’s achievement?

There are numerous entry points to learn about your child(ren)’s academic progress through the term.  

  • Weekly updates that share curricular topics;
  • A virtual “walk through” of the learning management system with your child;
  • Ongoing conversations with your child about their learning
  • Signing up for the student-led conferences;
  • Contacting the teacher through email, phone or a scheduled zoom session.
  • How can I seek clarification regarding an aspect of the report card or its contents?

Review the document, have a conversation with your child and look to the learning management system to better understand the student’s work in correspondence with the report card.  The conference should provide a quick opportunity to touch base with a teacher to help clarify details in the report card. If you suspect that a longer conversation is required, set up another time with the teachers to discuss your questions. 

  • My child is significantly struggling in an aspect of this report card.  What can I do?

Students can be challenged by school for a range of reasons.  At Connect Charter School, we encourage parents/guardians and students to work in partnership with teachers, and where necessary, an extended team (administration, counsellor, EA, or Inclusive Practices Coordinator).  Identifying the source of the challenge and devising a plan where all roles are clear can support a child in their development.

Some guiding questions or messages to help the report card conversation with your child:

What are you most proud of in this term of school?

What course, activity or experience did you most enjoy at school?

What key messages did you hear from this report card?

Is there something I can help you with in your learning or experience at school?

What do you think you might try for next term for continued success or improvement?

Here is my favourite line of this report card.  

Student Led Conferences Dec. 3-4

Student-led conferences for grades 4-8 will take place on Thursday Dec 3 (4-8pm) and Friday Dec 4 (8am-1pm).

You will be invited through Conference Manager to sign up for a 30-minute virtual block (maximum of 4 families per block).

Grade 9s will host parent/teacher conferences for high school discussions pertaining to your student on Thursday Dec 2 (12-8pm) and Friday Dec 3 (8am-1pm). You will be invited through Conference Manager to sign up for a 15-minute block with your teaching pod.

Grade 9 students still have a full day of classes on Thursday Dec 2.

The Conference Manager will open to parents on Monday November 30, 2020 at 4:00 PM.

The site closes for bookings on Thursday December 3, 2020 at 12:00 PM.

You may access the Conference Manager at

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Laurie Kangas, [email protected]

Note for KeeBo parents:

KeeBo teachers are doing their own SLC sign up and will contact you directly.

Have a wonderful week everyone…and stay healthy,

Phil Butterfield