November 27 Update (Grade 7-9 Parents)

Good afternoon grade 7 to 9 parents;

In accordance with the recent directive of Alberta Education, our grade 7 to 9 students will transition to online learning as of Monday November 30th. Our teachers and leadership team have spent the last few days planning for this shift, including preparing schedules of online core instruction and learning support. Following is a point form summary of what next week will look like and some key points to bear in mind about successful online learning: 

  • Students will meet in their cohorts with their homeroom teachers via Zoom at 9am Monday, November 30. The online schedules for each grade will be distributed and reviewed at this time.
  • Teachers will be meeting as teams after their class meetings on Monday to consolidate their planning for the 4 weeks of online learning.
  • After their class cohort meetings, students will independently complete an assignment on Monday that was started on Friday in school.
  • The full online program will begin at 9 am on Tuesday Dec. 1st.


Here are a few reminders and tips for online learning:

  • Attendance will be taken each morning and afternoon. Please report absences using PowerSchool. Parents will be notified if your child is absent from an online class if the absence has not been reported.
  • It is not necessary to complete the daily screening tool, however you may still receive an email alert when you don’t complete it as we are working on deactivating individual student groups from the system. Please disregard screening notifications you may receive in error.
  • If you require technical support, contact the Help Desk at
  • Successful online learning requires a team effort of the student, teachers, and parents with open and honest communication at the core. Please direct questions regarding teaching, learning and curriculum to your child’s teacher; questions about school-based decisions related to programming and school operations should be directed to the leadership team and we will respond in a timely manner.
  • Maintaining routines as much as possible is a major contributing factor to success. Students who benefit from any form of medicinal or naturopathic intervention to support self-regulation and attentiveness should still receive the same degree of support while they are working in an online environment as they do while in school. Arguably a greater degree of focus is required of students when all interactions are online.


Although it may seem to be beyond the scope of the school, we can all benefit from being reminded that the purpose of shifting to the online learning platform is to create isolation that will lead to flattening the curve of the coronavirus. We really are looking forward to having all of our students back in school on January 11th, and we also know that for us to do so means we must all accept the discomfort and challenges that we are asked to endure at this time.

There will be more details coming your way on Sunday in the weekly update and as required following that. Thank you for your understanding of the complexity in this planning and our desire to create the most effective online learning experience possible for your children.

Stay safe everyone,

Phil Butterfield