November 23 Update

Good afternoon Connect parents;

Please see the important additions to the weekly update below. To the degree we can adhere to our goal of compiling all our information in the weekly updates, we appear to be entering a phase of COVID-19 that will require us to adapt to changing circumstances quickly and decisively. We will still try our best to keep emails to a minimum but effective and timely communication is also a priority.  Thank you for your understanding. Below are a few important items: 

Be Prepared…

Given the uncertainty associated with COVID-19 and the increase in positive cases in Alberta, please be sure you and your child are prepared in the event that we need to pivot to online learning quickly, whether it be one pod with a positive case or the entire school. Students will be advised to take their devices home each day; you may want to acquire an additional charger so they aren’t caught with a depleted battery and no way to connect with their teachers. In the event of a partial or complete switch to online learning, we will communicate details to the parents of students affected as quickly as possible. Students registered in KeeBo will continue to receive instruction from their KeeBo teacher even if the rest of the school moves online. 

KeeBo Online Learning Registration Extension

The rising COVID case numbers in our city and province have led to some inquiries from parents who are feeling hesitant in sending their children to school. We understand the concerns parents may have and want to assure parents that we are continuing to take every measure possible to keep our school community safe. Further, if necessary we will take steps to introduce more stricter measures if needed. We also realize that a lot has changed since the beginning of November when we set the registration deadline for KeeBo online learning. In light of recent events and to be responsive to parent concerns we have decided to open registration for KeeBo for term 2 (Nov – March) for the next couple of days until Wednesday, November 25 at 4pm

Please use the following link to register for term 2 learning in KeeBo.

If you have any questions about KeeBo please email ([email protected])

Daily Screening 

More than at any time in the past 8 months it is essential that parents complete the daily screening tool before 8:30am each day. Our daily list of students with incomplete, missing, or rejected screens is still excessive at 25-30 students per day, and requires additional time for staff to process these students. Your cooperation with the screening is greatly appreciated. 

Student Led Conference Registration

DECEMBER 3-4, 2020 

Student-led conferences for grades 4-8 will take place on Thursday Dec 3 (4-8pm) and Friday Dec 4 (8am-1pm).

You will be invited through Conference Manager to sign up for a 30-minute virtual block (maximum of 4 families per block).

Grade 9’s will host parent/teacher conferences for high school discussions pertaining to your student on Thursday Dec 2 (12-8pm) and Friday Dec 3 (8am-1pm). You will be invited through Conference Manager to sign up for a 15-minute block with your teaching pod.

Grade 9 students still have a full day of classes on Thursday Dec 2.

The Conference Manager will open to parents on Monday November 30, 2020 at 4:00 PM.

The site closes for bookings on Thursday December 3, 2020 at 12:00 PM.

You may access the Conference Manager at

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Laurie Kangas, [email protected]

Phil Butterfield