September 20 Update

Good afternoon Connect parents; Thank you to everyone who has successfully developed a habit of completing the daily screening tool. Although we are still dealing with a significant list of students each day for whom the screen has not been completed, there is an improving trend. Parents of students who are not screened will be called to come to the school and complete the screening tool before their child will be permitted in class. As we officially round the corner from summer into fall, we need to start thinking about variable temperatures and conditions during outdoor activities and recess breaks. Our physical and outdoor education staff have shared some tips specific to layering for cycling but these may be applicable in other situations as well:
  1. The mornings can be chilly, while the afternoons can be hot. Dress in layers or bring a few items to keep your fingers, ears and toes warm. 
  2. Pack/wear thin gloves or bike gloves
  3. Pack/wear a windbreaker or rain jacket
  4. Pack a thin toque or buff if you have one for your ears. 
  5. Shorts might be ok, but pants with elastic cuffs are good to ride in. Rain pants make a nice layer at camp if it is windy or cool. 
  6. Pack a warmer layer (fleece jacket or similar) to wear at camp if it is cold. 
  7. Wool socks stay warm, even if they get wet from the damp morning grass.
These tips will be important as we embark on Camp Riveredge 2.0 over the next three weeks leading up to fall break. Although daytime temperatures can warm up quickly they may start out very chilly. We will also be monitoring the air quality index due to wildfire smoke blowing into the area. Please make sure children with asthma or other respiratory conditions have appropriate medication with them at school.
Camp Riveredge 2.0  As mentioned in an email sent on Friday, all pods will participate in a second round of Camp Riveredge day trips beginning Monday Sept. 21st. Be sure to complete the informed consent for your child in PowerSchool prior to their scheduled day. Anyone able to volunteer for Camp Riveredge is asked to register on Better Impact, with the exception of 8.1-8.2 parents who should contact your child’s homeroom teacher directly as their field experience takes place tomorrow. Schedule Mon. Sept. 21 8.1-8.2 Cycling Tues. Sept. 22 6.1-6.2 Cycling Wed. Sept. 23 7.1-7.2 Cycling Thurs. Sept. 24 9.3-9.4 Cycling Mon. Sept. 28 8.3-8.4 Cycling Tues. Sept. 29 6.3-6.4 Cycling Wed. Sept. 30 7.3-7.4 Cycling Thurs. Oct. 1 4.1-4.2 Parent drop off/pick up Mon. Oct. 5 9.1-9.2 Cycling Tues. Oct. 6 5.1-5.2 Parent drop off/pick up Thurs. Oct. 8 5.3-5.4 Parent drop off/pick up Fri. Oct. 9 4.3-4.4 Parent drop off/pick up
IPP meetings Friday Sept. 25th and  Friday Oct. 2nd, are non-instructional days for students. The morning of both days are for staff professional learning and the afternoons have been set aside for teachers to meet virtually with parents of students whose educational program is guided by an Individualized Program Plan (IPP). Only if your child has an IPP, you may register for a 20 minute meeting block by accessing Conference Manager at The booking system will open at 4pm Monday Sept. 21st and will close at 12 noon on Friday Oct. 2nd. Meetings may be scheduled between 12:20 and 3pm both days.  If you have questions regarding the use of conference manager, contact Laurie Kangas at [email protected]. If you have inquiries regarding IPPs, contact Brittney MacDonald at [email protected].  

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-teacher conferences will take place via Zoom on Tuesday Oct. 6th from 4-8 pm and Wednesday Oct. 7th from 8am-1pm. These conferences are intended to provide parents with a mid-term snapshot of student progress. A Conference Manager link will be sent out by Oct. 2nd for you to sign up for your conference. If you feel you will need more than the 10 minutes allocated for a parent-teacher conference, please schedule a separate meeting with your child’s teachers and do not schedule a time on Oct. 6-7.

Request from Phys Ed

The following classes need helmets next week:

Monday, Sept. 21 

PE class – 4.2/4.4   5.2/5.4  6.2/6.4

Camp River Edge – 8.1/8.2

Tuesday, Sept. 22

PE class – 7.2/7.4   8.2/8.4  9.2/9.4

Camp River Edge – 6.1/6.2

Wednesday, Sept. 23

Camp River Edge – 7.1/7.2

Thursday, Sept. 24

PE class – 7.2/7.4   8.2/8.4  9.2

Camp River Edge – 9.3/9.4

Riding a Bike in the Sand On Sept. 17th, Dr. Brent Macdonald presented a parent webinar entitled, Riding a Bike in the Sand, providing insight into how to care for ourselves and others as we grapple with re-entry to school and work. A video of Brent’s presentation may be viewed at: Slides: A follow up session with Brent will be scheduled for late October.

School Council News

Parent Society and School Council held regular meetings on Tuesday Sept. 15th. A video of the School Council meeting may be viewed at :

 Please remember to check out our Bow River Meats and Spolumbo’s Sausage sale on TeamFund and place your order before September 29th. Thanks so much to those families who have already participated, and please mark your calendar for October 7th pick-up. We’re approaching $3000 earned for the school! 

 Details on the mask fundraiser sale have been included with the week’s update. Connect Charter logoed masks ($12) and plain masks ($8) are for sale. Access to the online ordering system will be open until October 9th. Please see for further details.

This week, we acknowledged our wonderful EAs on Educational Assistant Day (September 16th). Thank you Lisa  for the thoughtfulness and legwork put into this. We’re sure you put smiles on those masked faces! 

Lost and Found

Our Lost and Found is now on the website at

We are making efforts to minimize the need to touch clothing due to COVID concerns. Items not claimed at the end of each term will be donated to charity. Please ensure your child’s belongings are clearly labelled to increase the chances of retrieving them if lost.

Have a wonderful week everyone,

Phil Butterfield


Grade 4s on an Explorer Walk at the Weaselhead Conservation Area.