June 14 Update

Good afternoon Connect parents;

As the 2019-20 school year begins to wind down, there is still uncertainty as to what the beginning of our next year will look like. As you have undoubtedly heard through the media, Alberta Education has asked school authorities to plan for any one of three scenarios:

  1. Return to full operations;
  2. Return to in-school teaching and learning with restrictions and modifications; 
  3. Continuation of e-learning

The school leadership team has been preparing for each of these possibilities and will be sharing the results of our parent survey and our preliminary plans at a School Council sponsored Parent Forum webinar on Tuesday June 16th at 4:30pm. You may join the webinar at zoom.us/j/99685826897?pwd=T1I0WFR5TmdPSVNpQ3VrdzNuejR3QT09. The session will also be recorded and will be available on the school website by Wednesday morning. 

Last Day of Classes and Report Cards

In order for teachers to have time to get into their classrooms and organize materials for next year, the last day of e-learning classes will be Tuesday June 23rd. Report cards will be emailed to parents on June 25th and the morning of June 26th will be available for teachers and administration to consider any appeals of report card grades.

New Parent Orientation – June 9th

A recording of the New Parent Orientation held on June 9th is now available at


Yearbook Orders

A huge thank you to Toni Pasloski, our parent volunteer who has worked on this year’s yearbook. You can order your yearbook through Lifetouch using the following information. We are still looking for a few more pictures of our Connect sports teams, if you have any shots of our sports team in action please send pictures to [email protected]. If you sent in sports photos last week, please resend them as they would not have been received due to a technical hiccup.



Super Skills Challenge 👏🏽

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Super Skills Challenge. Please check out the attached link to see the Super Skills Plays of the Week.


Summer Vibes Challenge 😎 reminder: Please submit your 30 second or less video clip by June 19th if you would like to be included in the compilation video. 

Parent Society Meeting – June 18th

Please find attached the agenda and minutes for our June 18 meeting at 4:30pm.  If you can not attend or would like something added to the agenda please let me know.  You may join the meeting at zoom.us/j/93354404223?pwd=aEpmMGgrZUdyR201WHRQdDhBSG9yUT09


Staff Appreciation – Friday June 19

School Council is looking for a few people to help with a pandemic-friendly staff appreciation event! We are organizing this event in lieu of the typical year-end staff appreciation meal, to thank everyone at Connect Charter School for the amazing work they’ve done to support students and families all year long, but especially during this transition to e-learning.

Dr. Butterfield has approved a “Staff Drive Through” event on Friday, June 19, 3-4 pm. We have ordered individual boxes of treats from Glamorgan Bakery and will hand them out to staff as they drive through the parking lot. (We’re sure that a lot of people would like to come and help with this, but to keep everyone safe and physically distant, we have to limit the number of volunteers.)

2-3 pm, 4 parents to arrive at school, decorate boxes with ribbon and attach notes.

2:30 pm, 1 parent to arrive at the school, set up 2 tables in the parking lot, set boxes on the tables. 

3-3:30 pm: 2 families to hand out boxes (one family at each table, masks and gloves to be worn, no school access)

3:30-4 pm: 2 families to hand out boxes (one family at each table, masks and gloves to be worn, no school access), then one parent to carry tables back inside and wipe down

2:50-4 pm: up to 5 family groups stationed in spots along Lewis Drive and into the parking lot to wave as staff rolls up the street (no school access)  

June 12-16: Another way to get involved

We would loooooove to have enough notes of gratitude from students to attach to each box (51) and if there are more, we can share them out to staff in an update! Ideally, students will write up a card or create a piece of art and drop this off in the school mailbox anytime by the end of day on June 16. (We can also accept these as scans emailed to [email protected] and we’ll print them.) **For logistics – these should be generic notes of gratitude for all staff and not directed to one particular staff member.**

If you can help out, please login to your volunteer platform account and click on Opportunities to sign up. The login page can be found here:app.betterimpact.com/Login/Volunteer

If you do not already have a volunteer platform account, click here to create one in just a few clicks: bttr.im/ta0ot Note: If creating an account for the first time, it can take up to 24 hours for your account to be approved before you can sign up.

Fingers crossed for great weather!

– Your Connect Charter School Council

Dropping Off Year End Items for Teachers

I have received a few inquiries from parents asking how they can drop off year end appreciation items for teachers. If you wish to do so, please contact me at [email protected] to arrange drop off before the end of the day on Friday June 19th. It will be important that any such items are non-perishable as it may be a few days before teachers will be in the building to retrieve them.

Thank you and have a wonderful week.

Phil Butterfield