June 7 Update

A greeting from our Educational Assistants to families who attended Connect to retrieve belongings last week. 

Good afternoon Connect parents;

To say we are living in turbulent times  is an understatement. The global movement of anti-racism protests, rallies, and vigils, reinforces the need for all of us to reflect on our role in guiding our students to develop attitudes and values of empathy and ethical integrity, including the quality of being upstanders in the face of oppression, intolerance, racism, misogyny, or the abuse of basic human rights. This movement is a timely reminder that the vision we hold for our children/students to become extraordinary citizens is the most vital goal we can share, and one upon which we must remain focused.

Thank you to everyone who completed the parent survey that was sent out last week. Your responses and comments are very valuable as we continue planning for a variety of possible scenarios for the start of the next school year. In order to provide an opportunity for more parents to participate in the survey, we are leaving it open until 4pm on Tuesday June 9th. If you have not already completed the survey, you may do so at docs.google.com/forms/d/1zv_62V7MGTW034i4hM3sS8RQRvhW0n42xR-I2NWYtBc/edit

Although no further directives have been received from Alberta Health Services or Alberta Education, we will be hosting a Forum with Phil on Tuesday June 16th from 4:30-5:30 pm to share with our parent community any information we can regarding the variety of scenarios about return to school plans. A Zoom link will be included in the weekly update next Sunday and the session will be recorded for later viewing if you are unable to attend.

Our orientation session for incoming grade 4 parents will take place on Tuesday June 9th from 4:30-5:30pm at  zoom.us/j/99645373717?pwd=eUJUT3puYVdFRUU3S1J5Wi9QdnUvQT09. Included on the agenda will be information on the grade 4 program, the use of technology, outdoor education, and suggestions to ease the transition from grade 3 to 4.

Here are details for other upcoming events and activities at Connect…

Clem’s Garden Podcast #4 

In this week’s episode we speak to Kelcie Miller-Ander and Swish Goswami who are both Connect (Calgary Science School) alumni. Kelcie and Swish talk about their careers in entrepreneurship and how the school charter pillars of inquiry, technology, and outdoor education influenced their career paths.


Yearbook Orders

A huge thank you to Toni Pasloski, our parent volunteer who has worked on this year’s yearbook. You can order your yearbook through Lifetouch using the following information. We are still looking for a few more pictures of our Connect sports teams, if you have any shots of our sports team in action please send pictures to [email protected].

School Council:

A Conversation with Jody Carrington

The Alberta School Councils Association, together with the Alberta Regional Professional Development Consortia, will be hosting a one hour session with Dr. Jody Carrington, a local psychologist and author of ‘Kids These Days’. 


Online Webinar Tuesday June 9th at 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm.

“Your Babies, a Beverage and Corona – A Parent Conversation with Jody Carrington”. REGISTER HERE  (registration closes at 12 noon on June 8th)

This is a FREE opportunity for parents.

🌕 Summer Vibes Challenge from Mr. Ferguson 😎

The weather is gradually getting warmer, so it’s time for a new video challenge! The name of this challenge is the ‘Summer Vibes Challenge’. The object of this challenge is to show how you get into the summer spirit in a creative way. This could mean filming your favorite summer activity, or showing how you like to spend your time in the summer. Video clips can be sent to [email protected] by June 19th to be included in a compilation video. Please see the attached link for further details.


Rules and considerations: 

1.   Ask your parents for permission on where you can film the Summer Vibes moment.

2.  Follow social distancing guidelines by AHS

3. Video submissions must be 30 seconds or less 

4. Always make safe choices and use proper safety equipment

5. Have fun!

Rube Goldberg Challenge 

Please check out the attached link to see students completing the Rube Goldberg Challenge. Big thanks to Mrs. Melville and the grade 5 class for sending in their videos from their Rube Goldberg designs completed earlier in the year!


Students Super Skills Compilation video coming soon…

Summer Technology Deployment and Planning

Many families have been wondering, “how am I going to manage my child’s screen time over the summer?” The realities of physical distancing mean we are apart, but we believe the one to one technology we are leaving with students for the summer will be an important part of maintaining relationships and meaningful activities.

We encourage all families to have a conversation and plan what the parameters of this might look like. For example, when will screen time be allowed? Where in the house is screen time appropriate? What kinds of screen time will be supported? how will screen time be supervised? If you would prefer that your child not have access to their device over the summer break, please remove the technology from your child’s midst and keep it in a secure place. 

This planning is important before blocking, modifying, or reviewing data – but know that there are tools to help with your plan. Apple has developed a guide for their “ScreenTime” app, which can be accessed here: support.apple.com/en-ca/HT208982

If you would like to learn more, Mrs. Bennett and and Mr. Cloutier will be hosting a webinar within the next 2 weeks, and a link will follow for families with students who are interested in planning for screen time over the summer, and how to use some of the parental control features built into our iPads and MacBooks to support those plans.

Tech Signed out to Departing Student

Families of departing students not graduating from Grade 9, or in Grade 9 but not buying out their Macbooks, should have received an email with instructions on tech drop off. Tech and accessories will need to be labelled and returned on June 24 or June 25. Please sign up for your tech return here if you haven’t already: docs.google.com/forms/d/1bCFAAlM9VRFKJ3VdK-KqDkBWRQ7h_c7Et2Hu18elyaY. You can reach out to the Helpdesk for any questions at connectcharter.ca/elearning-helpdesk.

Grade 9 Drive by Celebration

Unfortunately, due to the realities of the COVID-19 global pandemic, and the need to ensure everyone’s safety, Connect Charter School is unable to host a celebration to adequately acknowledge the achievements and legacy of our 2019-2020 grade 9 students as originally planned (activity-packed overnight camp, dance/party, and stage walk). The grade 9 and admin teams have developed an alternate plan that will act as a replacement event and that will allow for some celebration while ensuring we are keeping everyone safe and healthy. This event will take place in the evening of the original stage walk day of June 24

We invite families of grade 9 students to join us in a drive-by celebration! As you drive along the front of the school, you will be cheered on by staff members holding signs of support and celebration. When you turn into the parking lot, you will drive down to the parking rows, turn down the first row, and students will drive-by to receive their certificate from an administrator, a “survival kit goody bag” from one of their grade 9 teachers, and their special Connect Grade 9 shirt. After this, you will exit the parking lot by turning right out of the second parking row, and continue down the alley and out of Lakeview. In order to ensure everyone stays appropriately distanced, no one should get out of their car, and there will be no access to the building (including for bathroom use). There have been alternative arrangements made for pick-up of personal belongings left at the school, but there will be a table for families to drop off any leftover grade 9 technology that isn’t being purchased (laptops/chargers).

In order to ensure some flow of traffic, this will be the “schedule.” Although we recognize it will be difficult to time this exactly, please try to arrive at the time set out to keep the traffic increase in the neighbourhood to a minimum.

5:00 – 9.1 students arrive

5:15 – 9.2 students arrive

5:30 – 9.3 students arrive

5:45 – 9.4 students arrive

Playground Reopened  

Our outdoor activity centre has been reopened for public use. If you are by the school and your children are using the playground, please be mindful of the need to exercise hand hygiene precautions before and after use.

Thank you and have a peace filled week,

Phil Butterfield