May 3 Update

While we wait to see what ‘reopening Alberta’ looks like for the education system, we are continuing to develop the Connected e-Learning program and find activities that are engaging and stimulating for students in an online learning environment. Several teachers have presented ideas for clubs and non-core related activities, some of which will be starting this week. We expect to have a complete list of the clubs and activities, including a schedule for online sessions, available by Wednesday. As this information comes online, you may visit for more details. We want to emphasize that each of these extracurriculars are volunteer-run by staff at Connect. They are not electives, nor classes, and so there will not be any assessment of work. They are designed to be flexible and participation is optional and flexible.

School Council Parents Forum

On Tuesday April 28th, School Council hosted an online forum for parents as an opportunity to seek clarification and ask questions of the school leadership team regarding e-learning and support for students. If you missed the forum or wish to revisit any portion of the discussion, please go to

Parent Society and School Council AGMs – May 12th 4:30pm

On Tuesday, May 12, from 4:30-5 pm, School Council and Parent Society will hold their annual AGMs. We encourage all parents to join in this virtual event (online link will be sent to all parents prior to May 12). 

Connect Charter School Council:

All parents of students at Connect Charter School are members of School Council. 

Executive positions of School Council include: Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. 

The objective of our School Council includes sharing information and supporting communication among parents in the school community, and supporting special events and activities that foster student learning while building community. 

School Council initiatives include Parent Summit, Volunteers, Fun Lunch, Lost and Found, Balzac Meats, Gear Swap, and Staff Appreciation events.

  • All parents are eligible to stand for election on School Council Executive 
  • School Council Executive Terms of Office are one year (from the end of the AGM until the following AGM), and any elected member can serve two consecutive one-year terms in the same position.
  • We are currently recruiting a Vice Chair for the School Council. This position involves attending Council meetings and coordinating Council initiatives and activities throughout the school year. This position (or any other on Council) can be shared. For more information, please contact Mel McDonald at [email protected]

The Connect Charter Parent Society (CCPS) serves as a separate entity in parallel with the Connect Charter School Council at the direction of the Connect Charter School Board. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a CCPS Director please contact the Chair, Traci Zeller at [email protected]

AGM documents for School Council and Parent Society are published at:

Sports Dream Challenge

Mr. Ferguson is presenting another challenge for students:

It’s time for another video challenge! The name of this challenge is the ‘Sports Dream Challenge’. The object of this challenge is to research your favourite moment in sports history, and recreate this moment in a video clip that is 25 seconds or less. In this challenge you are more than welcome (and encouraged) to include your family to recreate this favourite sports moment. Once you have filmed your video clip you can email it to me at [email protected] and you could be part of a compilation video I will create. Videos must be submitted by May 15th

 Rules and considerations:

  1. Ask your parents for permission on where you can practice and film your sports dream moment.
  2. Follow current social distancing guidelines by AHS
  3. Make it clear which sports moment you are recreating
  4. If you require support on iMovie please email me
  5. Video submissions must be 25 seconds or less. 
  6. Always make safe choices and use proper safety equipment 
  7. Have fun

An Interesting Perspective…

The pace and extent to which our world has changed in the last 6 weeks or so has many of us spinning and trying to make sense of things that seem to make no sense at all. The longer the pandemic drags on the more likely that anxiety and trauma will creep into our minds as we contemplate the uncertainty of the present and future. The article from the Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute (CTRI) provides an interesting perspective that normalizes the angst of physical distancing and isolation while reinforcing the importance of relationships over excellence.

Physical Distancing T-shirts

Our intrepid ‘Team Spirit’ of Cathy Newton and Dawn Elliott have developed a new spirit wear offering for our community. The t-shirts really say it all… The store will remain open until May 6 for orders.  Distribution will be approximately May 28.  

Here is the link to the store, and the t-shirt will be the only item available at this time.