April 12 Update

Happy Sunday Connect parents;

I hope this finds you all in good health and finding ways to stay active while maintaining proper physical distancing. As we enter week 2 of Connected e-Learning, there are also a number of items to bring to your attention in this update:

Connect Calendar

The Connect calendar has now been updated to reflect the cancellation of all field experiences and school activities for the balance of the year. Any events that remain on the calendar are there because a final decision on how to facilitate the activity has not yet been determined. Other information, such as parent society and school council virtual meetings, re-registration dates, professional development days, and school closure due to holidays, is now on the calendar. Bookmark the calendar at connectcharter.ca/calendar/  for regular reference.  

Connected e-Learning Parent Information Sessions

The schedule for next week’s parent sessions is now available at connectcharter.ca/elearning-parent-sessions/.  There is no need to pre-register; just click on the ‘Join’ button for the session you wish to attend. To clarify, each session will be one hour in length – the first half will be a presentation and the second half will be a question and answer opportunity. As a means of streamlining the Q and A, and also as an ongoing way for parents to ask questions of the school leadership team or provide feedback and suggestions, please complete the google form at connectcharter.ca/contact-leadership/ and we will respond in a timely manner, as well as select the most commonly asked questions to share at the parent session. Live questions will also be fielded during the sessions. Each session will be recorded and available for viewing on the website for those who cannot join in real time.

Re-registration for the 2020-2021 School Year

The opening of re-registration for grades 5 to 9 has been pushed back to Monday April 20th and will remain open until May 1st. Registration for incoming grade 4 students will open on April 23rd and close on May 1st.   We will also be offering a range of options for the payment of enrichment fees. Details of these options will be sent in a separate email on Wednesday. Registration inquiries should be direct to Laurie Kangas at [email protected]

The Impossible Shot Challenge

Mr. Ferguson has launched yet another challenge for students…and I would like to extend this one to parents and families as well. Please see the message and video clip from Mr. Ferguson below. We will also be posting this on the Community Hub for students. 

Hi Connect Students, I hope that you are doing well, and that you had a great first week back! I have a challenge for you this week; it is to make a seemingly impossible trick shot of a small ball getting into a non-breakable container.  Before you begin your shots, you must ask your parents for permission to use the ball and container you choose and permission to use the location where you want to do your trick shots. If you want to send me a video clip of yourself making a seemingly impossible shot I will collect 1 video clip from each grade to make a compilation video that I will share with everyone. If you would like to be part of the video portion of the challenge, please submit your 15 second or less video clip to [email protected] by Friday April 17.  Rules and considerations:
  1. Ask your parents for permission to use the ball and container and the location
  2. Don’t throw any objects towards or near breakable objects such as windows or T.V.s
  3. Video submissions must be 15 seconds or less and show a successful shot. 
  4. Make the shot difficult, consider distance, bank the ball off something (if your parents allow it), make the target small  
  5. HAVE FUN! 
Mr. Ferguson Physical Education Teacher Connect Charter School drive.google.com/file/d/1aty7MZvSQda9oA4LGgUc7vE1oA7Lvn0G/view